February 12th, 2007 - By Humuhumu

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Ask And Ye Shall Receive! (when I can swing it, that is)

Here’s my take on the Mugs Wanted shirt — I hope you like it! TeaKey, it comes in 3X Large.

Men’s & Women’s Mugs Wanted T-Shirts

Here’s a close-up of the graphic:

I also created some Team Bob and Team No Bob (with a shattered Tiki Bob mug) t-shirts — I know a lot of folks feel strongly on the Bob issue. Personally, I must admit, I’m pretty staunchly Pro-Bob. But the dissenting Anti-Bob forces have a right to their opinion. (No actual Tiki Bobs were harmed in the making of this shirt.)

Men’s Team Bob & Team No Bob T-Shirts

Women’s Team Bob & Team No Bob T-Shirts

Get ‘em at the Ooga-Mooga Shop!

February 10th, 2007 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central

Some more new features for Ooga-Mooga!

Mugs for Sale or Trade by User
You can now see the mugs that just one Ooga-Mooga-er has for sale or for trade. The Mugs for Sale & for Trade links on the sidebar and at the top of the All Collections page still show mugs being offered by everybody — but now there are shiny new links at the top of a user’s Collection page (only if they’re a Trader, of course), showing the number of mugs they’re currently offering, and the links take you straight to ‘em.

For example, here’s a link that takes you straight to the mugs that I Dream of Tiki is offering for Sale:

Mugs for Sale by I Dream of Tiki

Also — the Mugs for Sale page loads much, much faster now, even when you’re looking at everybody’s mugs for sale.

Improved All Collections Page
The list of collections was getting awfully gangly, so I now have it split into pages. The snazzy new Mugs for Sale or Trade by User links have been added as new columns in the list of all collections. Another new column is a count of (and link to) the mugs that user has in his/her wishlist (per a request from ookoo lady). And the comments count now links directly to that user’s comments page, too.

All Collections


February 7th, 2007 - By Humuhumu

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I’ve created a shop for Ooga-Mooga, selling some Ooga-Mooga swag!

Men’s & Women’s Ooga-Mooga Shirt

Women’s Form-Fitting Shirt & Tank Top

Totally Lame Mug – One side says “This mug is way lamer than my other mugs.” and the other says “This would taste better in a tiki mug.”

And! Two special items, to commemorate that fateful day when Tiki-Kate’s mug collection got smashed in a freak incident involving a stolen car:

I Brake for Tiki-Kate’s House Bumper Sticker & License Plate Frame

As a thank you to Tiki-Kate for all that she’s done for Ooga-Mooga (she’s been a huge help in creating new mug templates), all proceeds from the sale of the “I Brake for Tiki-Kate’s House” items go to her.

Check it out! Ooga-Mooga Shop

It’s all CafePress stuff, so if you have ideas for other items you’d like to see, I’m all ears.

December 11th, 2006 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central.

The darling miss Tiki Kate is very deserving of all our thanks with Ooga-Mooga — she’s been a lifesaver, with her template-creating prowess.

The new revisions for Ooga-Mooga are on hold for a short bit for two reasons: 1) with the new changes, I anticipate a spike in usage, which means a spike in hard disk space usage. Now that Tiki Central is hosting images, there isn’t room on the server for Ooga-Mooga to have that kind of growth, so we need to upgrade the hard disk. Not a huge deal, but it does push it back a bit; and 2) my work load is (happily!) quite heavy these days. I’m still working on Ooga-Mooga improvements, but it’s happening in little bits & shreds here and there.

Ooga-Mooga 2.0 will allow folks to add their own templates, for mugs and for things beyond mugs, including postcards, menus, salt & pepper shakers & other serveware, matchbooks, swizzles, LPs, what have you. It will also include notifications when a mug on your wish list comes up for sale via Ooga-Mooga, and some general usability improvements that will be more subtle, but snazzy nonetheless. I’m not going to give a target date for when the rollout will be, because that’ll just make folks antsy. I can hardly wait for it myself, though!

October 23rd, 2006 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central.

For the past few weeks, the wonderful and generous Tiki Kate has been entering templates into Ooga-Mooga, for the good of her ever-tiki-mug-lovin’ brethren (and sistren?). Tiki Kate offered to lend a hand with Ooga-Mooga while I work behind the scenes to get Ooga-Mooga 2.0 finished. She has simply been a massive help, and I cannot thank her enough.

January 27th, 2006 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central.

Ooga-Mooga has reached a cool milestone — there are now over 1,000 mug templates in Ooga-Mooga. Some other fun numbers — there are 129 collections in Ooga-Mooga, with just shy of 3,000 mugs! All those mugs would hold 147.6 gallons of tastiness if they were all used at once.

Ooga-Mooga has grown a huge amount in the short six months it has been in existence. I’m incredibly pleased with how it’s caught on, and with the stories I’ve heard from folks who have loved using it, with all the neat things I’ve learned about mugs, and with how many gorgeous collections I’ve gotten to see. I wish now to make it accessible to even more people, and so I’ve instituted a dramatic price reduction — a Standard account is now just $1/month (or $12/year), and a full-access Trader account is only $1.50/month (or $18/year)!

It means so much to me that there have been so many people who have believed in Ooga-Mooga right from the get-go, and to thank those who signed up for Ooga-Mooga at the old prices, I have given them a Free Lifetime Membership. If you’re one of those folks, you should have a PM from me with details.

Mahalo to all the Ooga-Mooga members!

December 31st, 2005 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central.

For new subscribers, subscriptions now work slightly differently — during the introductory period, while I was getting Ooga-Mooga off the ground, the first six months on a subscription were paid up front. Now that the site is up & running so well, you can go month-to-month — that means that you can get started with a Trader account for only $5.95! If you’d rather go year-to-year, that’s available too.

I also recently created the ability to purchase Gift Subscriptions!

As always, feel free to email me with any questions.

October 25th, 2005 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central.

Ooga-Mooga now has 100 collections! 100 people have put part or all of their collections on display using Ooga-Mooga. Those 100 people have 1,844 mugs in their collections on Ooga-Mooga. I think that’s swell. Mahalo to all who have given Ooga-Mooga a whirl!

July 26th, 2005 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central.

Wow! What an amazing first day for Ooga-Mooga!

Since launching Ooga-Mooga last night, we’ve had:

68 new mug templates created by me
246 mugs added to collections by Ooga-Mooga members
123 photos added by Ooga-Mooga members

Thanks to everyone for your support of Ooga-Mooga — I didn’t expect it would be so fun right out of the gate. It’s been a blast creating new mug templates for you, and seeing all the photos come rolling in. I’ve got to go get some sleep now, but I look forward to digging in again tomorrow!

July 24th, 2005 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central.

To set the proper mood for this post, I suggest playing Pablus’ “My Mug Collection” while you’re reading.

It is with great excitement that I introduce Ooga-Mooga, a new website dedicated to letting you show off your fantastic mug collections.

Setting up your mug collection in Ooga-Mooga is easy:

  1. Choose a mug you have from the list of pre-defined mugs
  2. Click the “Add this mug to my Collection” link
  3. Press the “Add This Mug to My Collection” button to confirm

And there it is in your collection! Now you can enter in a little information about your mug — where you got it, what condition it’s in, upload a few photos of it — and before you know it you’ve got a lovely showcase of your beautiful mug collection.

Here’s my collection:
Humuhumu’s Mug Collection

Ooga-Mooga lets you do all sorts of stuff:

  • Keep a wish-list of your favorite must-have mugs
  • Identify mystery mugs
  • Shop for mugs for sale and trade by other Ooga-Mooga members
  • List your eBay mug auctions on Ooga-Mooga (with up-to-date auction info direct from eBay!)
  • Share a link that goes directly to your own collection
  • Track the estimated value of your collection
  • Learn what size drink fits well in each mug
  • Compare your mug to the mugs in other collections
  • See how much a particular mug is going for
  • Keep your mugs private, if you’re shy about your collection

Your user name on Ooga-Mooga is the same as your user name here on Tiki Central, but the password system is separate. When you create your Ooga-Mooga account, it will send you a PM here on TC with a link to confirm that it really is you. Then you’re ready to go! A link to your mug collection will appear below your name on your posts on Tiki Central.

You’ll start out with a Free Trial account. That lets you keep information on up to 10 mugs.

If you like Ooga-Mooga (and boy I hope you do!), you can sign up for a full account, with either Standard status or Trader status:


  • No limit to the number of mugs in your collection
  • Use Favorites to keep a wish list of mugs
  • $3.95 per month*


  • Full access to Ooga-Mooga
  • No limit to the number of mugs in your collection
  • Use Favorites to keep a wish list of mugs
  • List mugs available for trade in the Mugs for Trade section
  • Advertise your eBay mug auction in the Mugs for Sale section
  • Use Ooga-Mooga to store photos of mugs you’re selling
  • $5.95 per month*

For a limited time, when you sign up with a Trader account, your first six months are only $3.95, the same price as a Standard account!

* These are introductory rates. If you subscribe to a Standard or Trader account before August 31, 2005, you won’t be subject to any rate increases for 2 years!


Hanford’s taking me out to the Sunday Exotica night at the Lucky Tiki celebrate the launch of Ooga-Mooga — come out and join us if you can!