July 6th, 2008 - By Humuhumu

Aloha! I’ve been working on some things behind the scenes that are sort of major housekeeping issues:

  1. Ooga-Mooga password reset is now automagic!
    In the past, if you forgot your Ooga-Mooga password (which is only natural, everyone does it now & again), you had to send me an email to ask to have it reset. No more! Now, Ooga-Mooga will automagically reset your password for you, and will email you the new temporary password, along with a link for you to reset it finally to something that only you know. Now if you’ve forgotten your password, it can be fixed in a jiffy!
  2. Ooga-Mooga subscription renewal!
    Ooga-Mooga subscriptions are handled via PayPal. PayPal has its good points and its less-good points. Chief among the less-good points is that PayPal handles credit card changes (even just a simple updating of your expiration date) with all the grace and elegance of a bull in a china shop. PayPal’s default behavior, in fact, is to cancel all your subscriptions when you do a simple credit card update. Your subscriptions are still active for the time you have paid for, but once the next payment comes due, your account is killed. Yikes!

    This has been a major, major pain in the keister. PayPal doesn’t tell me what has happened — from my end, it just looks like you decided you didn’t want your Ooga-Mooga account anymore. *sniffle*

    It’s still a bit of a pain in the keister, but much less so: I’ve changed Ooga-Mooga so that if your subscription has been terminated, instead of giving you an unfriendly “This account is inactive” message when you log in, instead it gives you a page that lets you renew your subscription. Yay! If this has happened to you, just log in, and you’ll be able to sign up again. All your mugs & information are still there, you won’t need to re-add anything.

  3. My email is fixed!
    Exacerbating these two issues has been a very serious third one: my humuhumu@ooga-mooga.com email account had become so overrun with spam that it was unusable. Digging through the spam to get to the real messages from you guys was impossible, and my spam filtering was no good. I’ve completely changed how my email is handled, and now I’ve got great spam filtering that can tell the difference between you fine people and the purveyors of fine pill products.

These aren’t the sexiest updates, but boy howdy, they’re a big deal if you’ve been impacted by them, so it’s a huge relief to have them fixed. If you have any questions, please shoot me an email!