December 11th, 2006 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central.

The darling miss Tiki Kate is very deserving of all our thanks with Ooga-Mooga — she’s been a lifesaver, with her template-creating prowess.

The new revisions for Ooga-Mooga are on hold for a short bit for two reasons: 1) with the new changes, I anticipate a spike in usage, which means a spike in hard disk space usage. Now that Tiki Central is hosting images, there isn’t room on the server for Ooga-Mooga to have that kind of growth, so we need to upgrade the hard disk. Not a huge deal, but it does push it back a bit; and 2) my work load is (happily!) quite heavy these days. I’m still working on Ooga-Mooga improvements, but it’s happening in little bits & shreds here and there.

Ooga-Mooga 2.0 will allow folks to add their own templates, for mugs and for things beyond mugs, including postcards, menus, salt & pepper shakers & other serveware, matchbooks, swizzles, LPs, what have you. It will also include notifications when a mug on your wish list comes up for sale via Ooga-Mooga, and some general usability improvements that will be more subtle, but snazzy nonetheless. I’m not going to give a target date for when the rollout will be, because that’ll just make folks antsy. I can hardly wait for it myself, though!

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