February 10th, 2007 - By Humuhumu

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Some more new features for Ooga-Mooga!

Mugs for Sale or Trade by User
You can now see the mugs that just one Ooga-Mooga-er has for sale or for trade. The Mugs for Sale & for Trade links on the sidebar and at the top of the All Collections page still show mugs being offered by everybody — but now there are shiny new links at the top of a user’s Collection page (only if they’re a Trader, of course), showing the number of mugs they’re currently offering, and the links take you straight to ‘em.

For example, here’s a link that takes you straight to the mugs that I Dream of Tiki is offering for Sale:

Mugs for Sale by I Dream of Tiki

Also — the Mugs for Sale page loads much, much faster now, even when you’re looking at everybody’s mugs for sale.

Improved All Collections Page
The list of collections was getting awfully gangly, so I now have it split into pages. The snazzy new Mugs for Sale or Trade by User links have been added as new columns in the list of all collections. Another new column is a count of (and link to) the mugs that user has in his/her wishlist (per a request from ookoo lady). And the comments count now links directly to that user’s comments page, too.

All Collections


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