February 11th, 2007 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central.

Another new feature for Ooga-Mooga, and this one’s a biggie…

Wishlist Alerts!

If a mug comes up for sale or trade on Ooga-Mooga that is also on your own personal public Wish List or private Favorites List, Ooga-Mooga now will give you a heads-up! When a match happens, a wee blinking tiki mug will appear on the starboard side (that’s the right side, fer you landlubbers), telling you there’s a new mug you’ll probably want to check out. It looks like this:

To go with this is a new page: Wishlist Matches. It’s also on the starboard side, the link is just below “Favorites”. Here, you can see details and pictures for all the mugs currently being offered for sale or trade in Ooga-Mooga that are also on your own public Wish List or private Favorites List.

If you want to only be alerted about mugs on your public Wish List (and not your private Favorites List), you can set that in your Account Settings. Your private Favorites list stays private either way, though — only you can see your Wishlist Matches.

I’ve already created alerts for all the mugs that are currently being offered — a whole mess of you have got Wishlist Matches waiting for you.

I also have the ability to send you an alert via email (with the option to turn emailed alerts off, of course) — if that’s something you want, let me know. If I see lots of interest, I’ll roll that out.

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