May 8th, 2007 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central

A couple of small tweaks to Ooga-Mooga I want to let you know about:

Faster Search
Actually, Search works pretty much exactly the same as it did before… but now, the default is to search only in the name and a.k.a.s of the mug templates, rather than the entire description. That makes the search much, much, much faster. If you want to do a more thorough search, you still can — just select “Name, AKAs and full description” when you do your search. Selecting specific things to narrow down your search can speed it up even more — for instance, if you know that the mug you’re looking for is green, select “Green” in the list of colors, or if you know it’s a Tiki Farm mug, select “Tiki Farm” in the list of Manufacturers.

Tips for Photographing Your Collection
I’ve created a page with tips & instructions for getting great pictures of your collection! You can see it here.

And now some thank yous…

Thank you to everyone who filled out the user survey! It was an amazing help — I got so much really useful feedback from it, and it’s really repositioned my ideas about what people want to see on Ooga-Mooga, which is awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ll see some great changes on Ooga-Mooga as a direct result of your surveys.

And I must once again thank Tiki-Kate for her help in creating mug templates — Ooga-Mooga now has templates for nearly 2,500 mugs!

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