August 27th, 2005 - By Humuhumu

This post was originally made on Tiki Central

I’ve just finished another new Ooga-Mooga feature: Wish Lists! Lots of people were asking for this, now you’ve got it. Under Favorites, you how have “Wish List” in addition to “Mugs” and “Collections”. Mugs and Collections are your way to bookmark your private favorites, and no one sees what you’ve bookmarked but you. Your Wish List is your way of letting people know what you’re looking for, and are public for anyone to see. There are a few places to see what’s on people’s Wish Lists:

  • When looking at a Collection: There is now a link to view that user’s Wish List, it’s right next to the link to view the comments on their collection
  • When looking at Mugs for Trade: For each mug that is up for trade, there is a link to view the Wish List of the person who is offering that mug
  • When looking at a Mug: If a mug is on someone’s Wish List, it will appear just under the “X of this mug are in X collections” link, showing who is wanting this mug
  • When looking at Statistics: The All Collections statistics now show the Most Wished-For Mug (i.e., which mug appears on the most Wish Lists), and the My Collection statistics show the mug you own that is Most Wished-For (if any)

When a mug is wanted by multiple people, the list of people is sorted by who signed up for Ooga-Mooga first — an incentive to sign up now!

Another incentive: the limited-time offer to lock in the Ooga-Mooga rates for two years expires on August 31. I don’t have any immediate plans to raise rates, but signing up today guarantees these very low rates for years to come.

Coming soon, and largely inspired by the massive collections of tikicleen & Tiki-Kate: page breaks when viewing a Collection!

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