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Okolehao Three Piece Decanter Black
Free Trial
0 mugs
Member since 2016-05-14
2016-05-14 14:08:15

My husband just bout one in tack without box. But the seal has not been broken, still full of liquor. Can anyone tell the year and value?

Other Mug
3350 mugs

Member since 2008-07-18
2015-04-11 13:05:55

Cool mug!

Orchids of Hawai R-121 Daruma Mug Taiwan
213 mugs

Member since 2011-07-24
2014-10-16 23:28:23

his is Daruma

here is the page

Orchids of Hawaii R-13A
Inactive account
2014-05-19 10:04:32

I think this mug should be classified as separate from the R-13A, like the OOH striated coconut ( I just purchased one like it on eBay, so we at least know that there's more than one of it out there! Paul64 has one as well ( Mine has a thin incised line about an inch below the lip of the mug that runs all the way around, but otherwise, it seems to be identical to yours and paul64's mugs. Weird! I wonder if these mugs were modified by hand after molding, or if it is a by-product of the mold wearing out from repeated use. I wonder if this is the "artist's proof" version of the R-13A, or if it was produced after the R-13A hit the market. I think I remember reading that OOH was active in Japan before it was active in Taiwan. If there are R-13A mugs marked with Taiwan around, it might suggest that this variant predates the R-13A proper.

Orchids of Hawaii R-13A
3350 mugs

Member since 2008-07-18
2013-03-28 21:35:00

Nice coco - I haven't seen this one before!

Orchids of Hawai R-121 Daruma Mug Taiwan
139 mugs

Member since 2011-05-11
2012-08-08 17:46:06

Great find, never seen this one before. Can you make out what number it is? Recently I have found an R-122 Neko cat and 2 R-17 Pineapples.

Nudie Hiball Mug with Raised Breasts & Bottom
pittsburgh paulie
510 mugs

Member since 2009-10-22
2012-05-15 20:09:10

I have a similar mug too:

and related,

I've seen a couple, some look professionally glazed and some look homemade.

Nudie Hiball Mug with Raised Breasts & Bottom
96 mugs

Member since 2012-01-20
2012-05-04 09:53:10

Hey! I think I have a similar mug.. er, or four of them. But they're bodies are in gold. See my collection to take a peak! I'm betting that there's more info about them out there. Nice piece! Martin

Other Mug
Ocea Otica
95 mugs

Member since 2011-02-10
2012-03-05 18:23:05

found 10 of these at one place years ago, forgot if i ever researched the location

Sumo Flip Glossy From Moy's Japanese Steak House
3350 mugs

Member since 2008-07-18
2012-01-21 14:05:01

Nice one!

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