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Collection of Lightning Steve
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About Lightning Steve About This Collection
177 mugs
Member since Feb 7, 2009

From: London Ontario Canada
Interests: Tikis , Hawaii ,

My one Grandmother was born and raised in Hawaii so grew up around tikis but just started my own mug collection

177 mugs - 6 comments - 49 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 0 mugs for Trade
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Accoutrements (4)
AtomicTonyTiki (1)
Benzart (1)
Big Toe (1)
Daytona's Hawaiian Inn (1)
Donella Vitale (1)
Doug Horne (3)
Kevin Kidney (1)
Rum Demon (1)
Sam Gambino (2)
shrunken head (1)
Squid (1)
Unkle Fun (1)
Accoutrements (1)
ashtray (5)
Babalu (2)
Bai (1)
Bali Hai (1)
Baron Shivers (1)
Benzart (1)
Big Toe (2)
Bischoff Cherry Decanter (1)
candle holder (10)
coasters (1)
coffee mug (5)
Crazy Al Evans (6)
Daga (1)
Danny Gallardo (1)
decanter (15)
Derek Yaniger (1)
Dirty Donny (1)
Donny Gillies (2)
Flounder (2)
Frankie's tiki bar Las Vegas (8)
Jim Beam (1)
Lake George NY 2010 (1)
Luau on the Lake (1)
Munktiki (4)
Nude (1)
okolehao (1)
Orchids of Hawaii (1)
Papua-Ooma-Mow-Mow mug by Babalu & Squid (1)
Quan Quan (1)
Rick Rietveld (2)
Rum Demon (1)
S & P (1)
salt and pepper shaker (4)
Sam Gambino (2)
SHAG (1)
shrunken head (8)
skull (6)
Squid (15)
Stoneware (3)
Tahiti Joe's Las Vegas (1)
Thor (1)
Tiki Farm (4)
Tiki Shark (1)
Trader Dick's (1)
treasure craft (3)
Treasure Craft Hawaii (1)
Von Franco (1)


Leno Shot

Lil' Lucky Tiki Shot

Luau At The Lake 2010 Loball Glass

Lucky Tiki Half Circle Salt & Peppers Shakers Matte

Lucky Tiki Table Lamp

Lucky Tiki Table Lamp


Malicious Grotto Green

Marcus Carcass


Martiki Cocktail Shaker

Monkey Beachcomber Mug

1 comment

Monkey King

Monkey Surfer Dude

Old Oak Rum Barrel Ashtray

OMC Black Moai Lookalike

Orchids of Hawaii R-12

Orchids of Hawaii Samurai

Orientalia Mug

Other Mug

1 comment

Other Mug

Other Mug

Other Mug

1 comment

Other Mug

Other Mug

Otto's Shrunken Head Green


Papa Ubangi Decanter

Papua-Ooma-Mow-Mow Ohana Edition

Parrot Mug Red

Pisco Capel Moai Decanter

Quon-Quon Woodgrain Tiki Mug

Rigor Morty

Rob DeGraves

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Sam's Dinky Noggin Green

Sam's Dinky Noggin Purple

Sam's Shrunken Head Blue

Sam's Shrunken Head Gray

Screaming Willie Tiki Mug Two-Tone



Shrunken Ed

Singa Glow Style

Skull Mug

Spirit Drinker Skull Mug

Spirit Hut Candle Holder

Squid's Sqorpion Squll Bowl


Stink Fish

Strikow Kahlua Decanter White

Sunrise Tiki Mug

Sunset Tiki Mug

Taboo Tiki Mug

Tahiti Joe's Volcano Mug

Tall Smoked Glass Tiki Candle Holder

The Ghastly Ones Gravekeeper Green

The Ghastly Ones Gravekeeper Purple

The Tikinator

The Wagon Wheel Waikiki Cowboy Boot Mug

Tiki Bar TV Robot Box Shot Glass

Tiki Coaster 4-Pack Triangle Head

Tiki Farm Headhunter Brown

Tiki Farm Hula Girl Candle Holder Green

Tiki Farm Logo Mug Big Ol Tiki Bash 2007

Tiki Farm Mr. Bali Hai Salt & Pepper Shakers

Tiki Goddess Mug Brown

Tiki Mug

Tikiyaki Jungle Jetsetter Drum Mug


Toltec Column Figure Decanter Brown

Toltec Column Figure Decanter Green

Trader Dick's Peanut Mug

Trader Vic's Hot Buttered Rum Glass White

Treasure Craft Pineapple Salt & Pepper Shakers

Treasure Craft Standing Ku Statue

Treasure Craft Tiki Head Ashtray with Metal Handle & Holder

Treasure Craft Tiki Head Ashtray with Metal Handle & Holder

Treasure Craft Tiki Head Smoker Ashtray with Metal Holder

Showing 81-160 of 177 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3

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