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Collection of ukutiki
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About ukutiki About This Collection
453 mugs
Member since Feb 25, 2009

From: ukutiki
Interests: Tiki Mugs, Hawaiiana, Polynesiana, Oceania, Ukuleles, Corkscrews

All mugs on my trade list are available for sale as well.

453 mugs - 7 comments - 47 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 77 mugs for Trade
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Accoutrements (6)
Animal (22)
Ashtray (2)
Ashtray-Advertising (8)
Bamboo (4)
Bank (2)
Benihana Style (30)
Bowl (9)
Bucket (5)
California (4)
Chiki Tiki (13)
Coco Joe-Hapawood (3)
Coco Joe-Lava (6)
Coconut (10)
Daga (9)
Decanter-Other (14)
Decanter-Pisco-Large/Medium (7)
Decanter-Pisco-Miniature (4)
Dynasty (14)
Florida / Caribbean (18)
Frankoma (1)
Glass (17)
Handle (36)
Harvey's (4)
Hawaii (32)
HIP (1)
Libbey (7)
Lidded Mug (5)
Lighter (4)
Lighting (1)
Michigan (7)
Moai (19)
Nevada (10)
Ohio (5)
Orchids of Hawaii (45)
Peanut (8)
Pineapple (4)
Plastic (7)
PolyArt (1)
Salt & Peppers (2)
Salt and Peppers (25)
Serveware (5)
Shot (21)
Skull (5)
Steve Crane (6)
Tiki Farm (5)
Toothpick (7)
Trader Vic's (14)
Treasure Craft (33)
Westwood (18)
Wooden (2)

Accoutrements Artie Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Big Al Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Jake Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Lenny Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Teal

Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Turquoise

Aku Aku Dessert Plate

Al Harrington Hiball

Al Harrington Ku Handled Mug Yellow

Al Harrington Ku Handled Mug Yellow

American Hawaiian Cruises Tiki

Angst Tiki Brown

Angst Tiki Las Vegas Tan

Armored Samurai

Arrow Liqueurs Decanter








Benihana Chef Mug

Benihana Daruma Mug

Benihana Dragon Mug

Benihana Geisha Molded Logo

Benihana Hotei

Benihana Jurojin

Benihana Kendo Mug

Benihana Neko

Benihana Ninja Mug

Benihana Rural Girl Mug

Benihana Rural Girl Mug

Benihana Safflower Vase

Benihana Sumo

Big Belly Tiki Shot Brown

Big Belly Tiki Shot Brown

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Bisque Tiki Head Gift Set Blue Eyes Small

Bucket-like Handled Mug

Captain Hold Fast Purple

Carlos Reproduction Shot White

Ceramic Source Shot Blue

Chiam Jurojin Fogcutter

Chiki Tiki Las Vegas Bamboo Mug

Chiki Tiki Morning After Tiki Yellow

Chin Tiki Ashtray

Coco Joe's Hawaii Lava Ashtray

Coco Joe's Lava Ku Tiki Lighter

Coco Joe's Monstera Leaf Ashtray

Coco Joe's Pele in Lava Bath Ashtray

Coco Joe's Petroglyph Combination Ashtray & Lighter Set

Coco Joe's Pineapple Motif Menu Holder

Coco Joe's Triple Monstera Leaf Server

Coco Ribe Liqueur Coconut

CocoJoe's Hapawood Hawaii Lono Tiki Napkin Holder

Coconut Mug

Crossed Arms Tiki Mug Bisque Textured

Daga Eyeless Ku Mug

Daga Gaping Mouth Tiki Mug

Daga Surfer Mug Brown







Dinky Tiki Shot Turquoise

Don Ho Polynesian Palace Loball

Dynasty Buddha

Dynasty Geisha

Dynasty Green Tiki Mug

Dynasty Jekyll & Hyde Club Profile Mug in Black & White

Dynasty Ku

Dynasty Monkey Hear Mug

Dynasty Monkey Say Mug

Dynasty Monkey See Mug

Dynasty Ninja

Dynasty Panda Mug

Dynasty Pirate Cup

Dynasty Samurai

Showing 1-80 of 453 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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