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Collection of kingstiedye
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About kingstiedye About This Collection
1249 mugs
Member since Oct 9, 2005

From: sackatomato
Interests: tikis, tiki mugs and tiki art
Tiki Central Profile

i'm trying to acquire the munktikis and boskos i need. i love to trade, so check out my traders.

all photos by gecko and munktiki used with permission.

1249 mugs - 187 comments - 19 mugs on Wish List - 29 mugs for Sale - 86 mugs for Trade
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'ona tiki (5)
a (33)
add pic (4)
ashtray (2)
babalu (6)
bai (1)
basement kahuna (2)
bay park buzzy (1)
benihana (7)
benzart (5)
bosko (133)
bosko ap/test (17)
bowana (7)
cannibal trio (14)
cheekytiki (6)
chongolio (1)
crazy al (26)
decanter (11)
dr. alderete (4)
dva gallery (5)
edr 45 (3)
eekum bookum (1)
erik 100 (1)
favorite (73)
forbidden island (7)
frankoma (1)
gecko (135)
gecko augie colon (2)
gecko double headed marq (9)
gecko glossy brown (13)
gecko kava kava bowl (11)
gecko kissed by pele (5)
gecko mt. bumatay (3)
gecko red dirt (32)
gecko tangaroa (8)
gecko'z legends of exotica (7)
giants (3)
glassware (6)
grog (3)
hunter glass (2)
jungle modern (4)
ken ruzic (4)
kreepytiki (2)
mateo (2)
mauitiki (2)
munktiki (550)
munktiki akamai kumu (2)
munktiki bastards (10)
munktiki big shot (1)
munktiki biskup stack pack (6)
munktiki black and whites (5)
munktiki black friday (5)
munktiki boats (5)
munktiki bones (3)
munktiki bones shots (1)
munktiki bowl (7)
munktiki box (4)
munktiki brains (4)
munktiki canteenki moai (10)
munktiki cavetikis (2)
munktiki classic monster skulls (4)
munktiki coconut bowl (6)
munktiki coconut monkey (25)
munktiki creep (4)
munktiki decanter (5)
munktiki dos tikos (3)
munktiki double chamber tiki (1)
munktiki forbidden island (4)
munktiki fresh ika (1)
munktiki fugu (3)
munktiki fugu x (5)
munktiki gator (3)
munktiki golden nipple (1)
munktiki googie (1)
munktiki hanger (19)
munktiki hukilau (6)
munktiki kaiju (7)
munktiki kolohe wai (2)
munktiki krampus (3)
munktiki kreepy (1)
munktiki kustomas (4)
munktiki m.u.g. (2)
munktiki m1 gallery (22)
munktiki magno (8)
munktiki mainichichi chihuahua (3)
munktiki matango (6)
munktiki moai (8)
munktiki moai grande (1)
munktiki moai shots (6)
munktiki model number 5x-136 (2)
munktiki monkey zombie (1)
munktiki monster shots (11)
munktiki munk-e (8)
munktiki munk-e head (2)
munktiki munk-e zombie (1)
munktiki mysterious eye (1)
munktiki na zdravi (3)
munktiki nui nui ipu (2)
munktiki pendant (9)
munktiki personalized decal (2)
munktiki poptikis (1)
munktiki portland (13)
munktiki prototypes (6)
munktiki ripples (2)
munktiki rumba (4)
munktiki shakers (4)
munktiki she skull (1)
munktiki singa (2)
munktiki skull fink neko (2)
munktiki skull monkey (2)
munktiki skull shots (11)
munktiki skulls (5)
munktiki stackers (75)
munktiki stinkfish (2)
munktiki super 7 show (1)
munktiki talipun (1)
munktiki thank you shot (2)
munktiki the original rotting skin drink mug (2)
munktiki tiki art now (12)
munktiki tiki central (2)
munktiki tiki oasis (10)
munktiki totem kun (3)
munktiki ultra cute (4)
munktiki vase (7)
munktiki x copies (4)
munktiki yakimon (3)
munktiki zombie (1)
notch (5)
ocea otica (6)
other (29)
poptiki (3)
rich (6)
rum demon (8)
sacramento tiki crawl (5)
shag (2)
shakers (94)
spanish (11)
squid (16)
stockton islander (11)
tiki central (6)
tiki diablo (36)
tiki farm (49)
tiki jungle (3)
tiki kaimuki (6)
tiki squad (4)
tiki tony (39)
tiki tony fatutu (8)
tiki tony lekookoo (5)
treasure craft (2)
v (63)
vantiki (11)
vintage (32)
wendy cevola (17)
wild things creations (2)
x (361)
x1 (25)
x2 (21)
xx (20)
y (77)
yy (29)
z (110)
zombie hut (2)
zz (56)
zzz (22)
zzzz (8)

Ali'i Palm Guanko in Bone

Ali'i Tiki Royalty Edition

Atariki Moai Mug Red Dirt Edition

Augie Colon Tiki Mug

1 comment

Basement's Bora Boiler Red Dirt

Benzart Volcano Bowl Red Dirt Glaze

Big Toe Mug Custom

Born of Fire Mug Kissed by Pele Edition

Da Big Puka Stein

Da Big Puka with Hula Girl

Da Big Puka with Moko Hula Girl

1 comment

Da Bloody Maori Custom

Da Bull

Double Headed Marquesan Red Clay

Exploded Hawaiian Style Bowl

Ge-Ku Red Dirt

1 comment

Gecko Bloody Black Moai Mug

Gecko Da Big Puka Red Dirt

Gecko Exotica Mug Green

Gecko Handled Tangaroa Tiki Mug Brown

Gecko Ku Mug Speckled Blue

Gecko Marquesan Bowl

Gecko Moai Taboo Island Edition

Gecko Seahorse Black/Blue

Gecko Shot

Gecko Tangaroa White

Gecko Voodoo

Gecko War God Red Dirt


Gecko'z Four Ku Mug

1 comment

Gecko'z Lizard-Like Ku Statue

Gecko'z Solomon Island Canoe Prow Mug

Geckoma Red Dirt

1 comment

Haka Tiki Mug Limited Edition In Dirty Wood Brown

Hand Painted Waka Taua

Hawaiian Carved Ku

Hawaiian Ipu Drum Mug Black

Hawaiian Style Scorpion Bowl Speckled

1 comment

House of Ku'z Coco Joe's Tiki Mug Red Dirt

Kānaka Maoli Artist's Proof

Ka'oha Collectors Series

Kainoa Village Mug


Kona Kai Shot Mug

Ku Ku Kachoo Custom

Ku Volcano Bowl Hand Painted

La Mariana Cannibal Totem Artist's Proof

La Mariana Handled War God Brown

La Mariana Kava Kava Bowl Brown

La Mariana Kona Kai Limited Edition

La Mariana Sharp-Toothed Ku Mug Red Dirt Edition

La Mariana Tiki Mug Red Dirt Version

Large Kilauea Pele Bowl

1 comment

Legends of Exotica Arthur Lyman Red Dirt Artist Proof

Lono Tiki Mug

Mana Tiki Mug Moko Edition


Maori Bowl

Milan Guanko's Kona Gold Mug for La Mariana Green

Milan Guanko's Kona Gold Shot Mug

Moai Tangata Manu Custom


Mouth of Pele Brown with Lava

Mr. Bony Trophy Skull Mug Custom

Na Kaua E Pale With Round Base

1 comment

Na Kaua E Pale With Square Base

1 comment

Okolemaluna Glass Float Mug

Other Mug

Papua New Guinea Drum Mug Brown with Cold Paint Detail

Papua New Guinea Shield Mug Artist Proof Green


Pele At Rest Bowl

1 comment

Pele Volcano Bowl


Pele's Punch


Pineapple Po'o Artist Proof

Pupu Platter Black/Brown

1 comment

Sepik River Abelam Mask Artist Proof


Skrim Shaw Mug White

South Sea Arts Triple Header



Showing 1-77 of 77 y mugs
Page 1

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