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Collection of memphismoai
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About memphismoai About This Collection
88 mugs
Member since Nov 9, 2009

From: Mempho
Interests: Classic cars, music, art & architecture, scuba diving, travel
Tiki Central Profile

As you can see my interest is mostly vintage tiki vessels with names attached for reference.

Grew up taking family vacations all over Florida. My father liked every Polynesian/Hawaiian/South Seas place he saw so I had plenty of exposure to tiki.

Took all my dates to the local Luau (Dobbs) late 60's early 70's, then it went the way of most and closed.

My interest in things tiki was rekindled when I took up scuba and started traveling the islands. Kids are grown,the playroom is now our Tiki Bar and the pool our beach.

88 mugs - 6 comments - 18 mugs on Wish List - 81 mugs for Sale - 0 mugs for Trade
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Aku Aku (2)
Bali Hai (1)
Bosko (1)
bowl (7)
Bucket (5)
Chin Tiki (1)
China Sails (1)
Coconut (1)
Daga (1)
Dave Wong's (1)
Dave Wu (1)
Deep Sea Diver (4)
double walled (1)
Dunbar Flint (4)
Fertility goddess (1)
Fu Manchu (1)
Gabe Florian (1)
glassware (1)
Harvey's (3)
Hawaiian Hut (1)
Hawaiian Inn (2)
headhunter (1)
HF pottery (2)
Hobbyist (2)
hoffman (1)
Homemade (2)
Huki Lau (1)
Hula (5)
Hula Hut (1)
Islander (3)
Jackson China (2)
Johnny Quong (2)
Johnny Sens (3)
Kahiki (1)
Kon Tiki (1)
Kon Tiki Ports (2)
Ku (3)
Lanai (1)
Latitude 20 (2)
Louie (1)
Luau Hut (1)
Mainlander (2)
Mark Thomas (2)
Mauna Loa (2)
moai (7)
OMC (23)
Omni Hut (2)
Orchids of Hawaii (5)
peanut (3)
Pearl Diver (4)
pirate (3)
PMP (3)
Polynesian Village (1)
Port's o' Call (2)
Protruding lower lip (1)
Pub Tiki (1)
Quon Quon (2)
red clay (1)
Redwing Pottery (1)
Ren Clark (1)
shakers (1)
Skull (2)
smallest (1)
Sneaky Tiki (1)
South Pacific (1)
South Seas/Hawaiian (1)
Spurlin (1)
Stella Bodey (1)
Stemware (1)
Steven Crane (5)
Tea Cup (3)
The Islands Phoenix (1)
The tiki's (1)
Tiki Bob's (2)
Tiki Gardens (1)
Toby (2)
Tonga Room (1)
Trader Nick's (1)
Trader Vic (6)
Walker China (3)
warrior (2)

Aku Aku Ku Tiki Mug

Aku Aku Moai with Lid

Bali Hai Lei Holding Hula Girl Mug

Dave Wong's China Sails Moai with Protruding Lip Brown

Hawaiian Hut Moai with Protruding Lip Brown


Hawaiian Inn Crossed Arms Tiki Mug Bisque

Johnny Quong's Mainlander Style Tiki Mug

Johnny Quong's Squatting Tiki Mug

1 comment

Latitude 20 OMC Surfer Girl Mug

Latitude 20 Three Face Bucket Mug

Luau Hut Crossed Arms Smooth Tiki Mug

Mainlander Tiki Mug Large

Mainlander Tiki Mug Small

Mark Thomas Outrigger Moai Green Mug

Mark Thomas Outrigger Three Face Bucket Mug

OMC Bug Eyed Moai Slender

OMC Fu Manchu Indented Sides

OMC Three Face Bucket Mug

OMC Three Tiki Bowl

Otagiri Hula Girl Bowl Small

Pub Tiki Painted Moai Mug

South Seas Moai Mug

The Tiki's Painted Moai Mug

Showing 1-23 of 23 OMC mugs
Page 1

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