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About Trader Tom About This Collection
703 mugs
Member since Jan 26, 2006

From: West Hills, CA
Interests: Tiki, Cocktails, Books & Film
Website - Tiki Central Profile

I've been getting deeper and deeper into the exotic world of Tiki since December of 2005, when for a number of reasons, I had a sudden epiphany...

It all came together: my childhood visit to Disneyworld's Enchanted Tiki Room...the glass float balls I admired at a restaurant when I was a kid...the exotic drinks... I realized I had to explore further...

This collection is part of that exploration.

I urge all of you to share what you have with words and pictures. Some collectors think that showing what they have creates more competition and they are reluctant to post. However, we should all remember this site chronicles TIKI HISTORY and your collections help shape it!

I took over as the Ooga-Mooga site administrator to build templates after Tiki Kate passed away in 2010. I don't handle money or membership, but if you have other questions or concerns, feel free to message me.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck in your own Tiki Quests!

~ Trader Tom

703 mugs - 90 comments - 92 mugs on Wish List - 15 mugs for Sale - 0 mugs for Trade
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Accoutrements (11)
Ape/Monkey (4)
Appleton Estate (3)
Artist Proof (3)
Ashtray (8)
Atomic Tony Tiki (1)
Babalu (4)
Bahooka (5)
Bali Hai (9)
Bamboo (12)
Bamboo Ben (2)
Bank (4)
Barney West (2)
barrel (17)
Basement Kahuna (1)
Benihana (2)
Benzart (5)
Big Toe (1)
Bill Collins (1)
Bisque (1)
Bob (5)
Boo-Tiki (1)
Bosko (6)
bottle (5)
Bowl (31)
Brad Parker (6)
Bucket (2)
Bumatay (3)
Canada (1)
Capt'N Skully (2)
Cass McClure (1)
Castaway Ceramics (5)
Ceramic Source (2)
CheekyTiki (2)
Chicago (13)
Chiefly Co. (2)
Chiki Tiki (4)
Clay Art (9)
Clifton's Pacific Seas (4)
Cobra (4)
Coco Joe (2)
Coconut (6)
Coffee Mug (18)
Crazy Al (19)
Crypto Mug! (3)
Custom Backward Signatures (1)
Daga (13)
Damon's (3)
Decanter (17)
Derek Yaniger (11)
Dirk Vermin (1)
Dirty Donny (1)
Disney World (1)
Disneyland (23)
Display Boxed (6)
Don Payton (1)
Don the Beachcomber (8)
Donella Vitale (1)
Doug Horne (12)
Drew Brophy (6)
Drum (1)
Duke Carter (1)
Eekum Bookum (5)
Embellished (1)
Eric October (1)
Ernie Keen (6)
Favorite (83)
Flask (2)
Flounder (6)
Flower Pot (1)
Fogcutter (3)
Forbidden Island (2)
Frankie's (4)
Frankoma (4)
Fraternal Order of Moai (1)
Gecko'z (14)
Germaine's Luau (3)
Ghost (1)
glassware (58)
GoTiki (1)
Greazefest (1)
Grog (6)
Hall Pottery (1)
Hand-Built (3)
Hard Rock (4)
Hawaii Kai (4)
HF Pottery (1)
Hidden Harbor (1)
HIP (1)
Hobbyist (26)
Holland Molds (4)
home bar (3)
Hukilau (2)
Hut (5)
Imperial Glass Co. (3)
island Heritage (5)
Islander (1)
Jimmy C (4)
Jody Daily (7)
Joe Vitale (2)
KC Co. Ltd. (3)
Ken Ruzic (4)
Kevin Kidney (10)
Kirby (1)
lamp (2)
Lantern (2)
Las Vegas (9)
LaTour Hawaii (1)
Libbey (1)
Lokena (1)
Mahalo Tiki (2)
Marcus Pizzuti (6)
Michelle Bickford (1)
Milan Guanko (1)
Moai (58)
Moritz Reichelt (1)
Mr. G (3)
Munktiki (29)
Napco (2)
Notch (2)
Ocea Otica (1)
Oceanic Arts (3)
Orchids of Hawaii (9)
Orientalia (16)
Otagiri (25)
Outl1n3 Island (1)
Papua New Guinea (2)
Paul Brent (2)
Paul Marshall Products (4)
Paul Nielsen (1)
Philippe Tilikete (2)
Pineapple (2)
Plastic (8)
Pohaku Kiln (1)
Polynesian Pottery (1)
Pony Express Creations (6)
PopTiki (1)
Portland (16)
Prototype (1)
Purple Orchid (4)
Quon-Quon (1)
Randy Bain (1)
Restaurant Ware (2)
Rolly Crump (1)
S and P (11)
Sam Gambino (3)
Sam's Seafood (2)
Serveware (12)
Severed Head (2)
Shag (12)
Shell (5)
Shonfeld's (1)
Shot (38)
Shrunken Head (8)
Siesta Ware (1)
Skull (23)
Spurlin (1)
Squid (74)
Squidalu (1)
statue (3)
Stella Bodey (1)
Steve Crane (4)
Sven Kirsten (5)
Taboo Island (1)
Target (8)
Tea Pot (2)
Tepco (3)
Terra Ceramics (2)
Test Glaze (4)
The Pizz (16)
THOR (3)
Three Dots and a Dash (7)
Tiki Al (3)
Tiki Bob (1)
Tiki Central (2)
Tiki Diablo (14)
Tiki Farm (240)
Tiki Kingdom (6)
Tiki Madness (1)
Tiki Oasis (11)
Tiki tOny (1)
Tiki-Ti (4)
TikiGuy Studio (2)
Tikiracer (1)
Tikitronic (2)
Tim Steger (1)
Tin Cup (1)
Tobunga (1)
Toby Designs (4)
Toddlyn Aurelio (4)
Tommy Bahama (15)
Tonga Hut (5)
Trader Joe Collection (6)
Trader Sam's (5)
Trader Tom Glazed (20)
Trader Vic (29)
Treasure Craft (10)
UK (3)
VanTiki (1)
Vermonde Original (1)
Vintage (173)
Von Franco (4)
Wahine (45)
Wedgwood (1)
Wendy Cevola (1)
Westin (2)
Westwood (15)
Wild tHing Creations (1)
Witco (2)
Wooden (3)

Admiral Lord Nelson Pitcher

Aku Aku Rum Barrel

Aloha Jhoe's Moai Mug

Chinese Symbols Fogcutter

Cloke & Dagger Hiball Glass

Coco Joe's Large Standing Ku Pipe Holder

Coco Joe's Tiki Canoe Ashtray in Lava Black

Daga Moai Mug

Daga Octopus Mug for Buzz's Polynesia

Daga Surfer Mug Brown

Daga Warrior Mug Yellow

DCC USA Coconut Mug

Doc's Place Town And Country Cobra's Fang Mug


Don the Beachcomber Mug Long Neck Green


Don the Beachcomber Rum Barrel Brown and White by Royal Haeger

Don the Beachcomber Salt & Pepper Shakers

Frankoma Bamboo Mug Brown

1 comment

Frankoma Bamboo Mug Desert Gold

Frankoma T-10

Frankoma T-7 Coconut Mug Prairie Green

1 comment

Genghis Khan Mug Black

Genghis Khan Mug Brown

Genghis Khan Mug White

Glass Two-Faced Tiki Tall Clear

Grimacing Ku Westwood Tiki Bank Blue

Hala Kahiki Fu Manchu

Hall Clam Shell Bowl

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Bucket Mug with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Double Shot Glass

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hula Girl Bowl Large

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hula Girl Bowl Small with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hula Girl Mug with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Sneaky Tiki Green with Script Font

Hawaii Kai Creamer Brown

Hawaii Kai Hula Girl with Flowers Mug

Hawaii Kai Sugar Bowl

Hawaii Kai Teapot

Hawaiian Distillers Glass Hawaiian Coffee Liqueur Bottle Small

Hawaiian Distillers Glass Macadamia Nut Liqueur Bottle Small

Hawaiian Distillers Plastic Okolehao Bottle Small

Hawaiian Distillers Plastic Okolehao Bottle Small & Short

Hawaiian Distillers Plastic Pineapple Liqueur Bottle Small

Hawaiian Village Rum Barrel

Headhunter Decanter

1 comment

Hilton Hawaiian Village Hawaiian Eye Bowl

Hilton Hawaiian Village Petroglyph Mug

HIP Hawaii Ashtray in Lava Black

Hobbyist Atlantic Mold Moai Mug

Hobbyist Duncan Nude Handled Barrel Mug

Hobbyist Westwood W-11 Mug

Holland Molds Kneeling Pinup Ashtray


Holland Molds Pinup with Leg Extended Ashtray

Iolani Palace Mug

Islander Earring Head Mug

Islander Hula Girl Mug

Islander Smiley Mug

Kauai Resort Hotel Daga Warrior Mug Brown

Kelvin's Tiki Mug

Kelvin's Tiki Mug With Handle

Kon Tiki Sheraton Waikiki Gaping Mouth Tiki Mug

Kon-Tiki Cleveland Peanut Mug

Kon-Tiki Salt & Pepper Shakers

Latitude 20 Rum Barrel

LaTour Hawaii Coconut Mug

Leilani Style Table Lamp

Lokena Repeating Ku Ashtray

Luau Hut Hula Girl Mug Green

Luau Tiki Salt & Pepper Shakers

Mainlander Tiki Mug Small

Mandarin Empress Mug

Mark Thomas Outrigger Moai Green Mug

Maui Outrigger Restaurant Bamboo Mug


Maui-Kauai Mug

Mauna Loa Tiki Mug

Molokai Mule Mug

Mr. Bali Hai Concave OMC Mug

Myers's Rum Crock

1 comment

Napco Style Bow-Legged Tiki Statue

Napco Three Face Bucket Mug

New Otani Kaimana Beach Bamboo Mug

Showing 1-80 of 173 Vintage mugs
Page 1, 2, 3

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