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About Trader Tom About This Collection
592 mugs
Member since Jan 26, 2006

From: Hillsboro, OR
Interests: Tiki, Cocktail Mixology, Books & Film
Website - Tiki Central Profile

I've been getting deeper and deeper into the exotic world of Tiki since December of 2005, when for a number of reasons, I had a sudden epiphany...

It all came together: my childhood visit to Disneyworld's Enchanted Tiki Room...the glass float balls I admired at a restaurant when I was a kid...the exotic drinks... I realized I had to explore further...

This collection is part of that exploration.

It's even more fun now that my son is old enough to appreciate Tiki mugs as well. Little Trader Joe divides his Tiki mugs into two categories (GOOD or BAD). He's informed me that Tiki Bob is GOOD but that the Fu Manchu mug is BAD. I'm pretty sure he thinks that they all have adventures at night. Kind of an Indian in the Cupboard/Night at the Museum kind of thing.

This is a great hobby. It brings out the imaginative kid in all of us.

I urge all of you to share what you have with words and pictures. Some collectors think that showing what they have creates more competition and they are reluctant to post pictures. However, we should all remember this site chronicles TIKI HISTORY and your collections help shape it!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck in your own Tiki Quests!

~ Trader Tom

592 mugs - 83 comments - 85 mugs on Wish List - 29 mugs for Sale - 9 mugs for Trade
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Accoutrements (7)
Appleton Estate (3)
Ashtray (4)
Atomic Tony Tiki (1)
Babalu (4)
Bahooka (4)
Bai (1)
Bamboo (10)
Bamboo Ben (2)
Bank (3)
Barney West (2)
Barrel (11)
Basement Kahuna (1)
Benzart (4)
Bisque (1)
Bob (5)
Boo-Tiki (1)
Bosko (6)
Bottle (3)
Bowl (27)
Brad Parker (6)
Bumatay (3)
Capt'N Skully (2)
Cass McClure (1)
Castaway Ceramics (5)
CheekyTiki (1)
Chiki Tiki (3)
Clay Art (9)
Coco Joe (2)
Coconut (4)
Coffee Mug (18)
Crazy Al (19)
Custom Backward Signatures (1)
Daga (10)
Decanter (15)
Derek Yaniger (11)
Dirk Vermin (1)
Dirty Donny (1)
Disneyland (19)
Display Boxed (5)
Don the Beachcomber (9)
Donella Vitale (1)
Doug Horne (10)
Drew Brophy (6)
Drum (1)
Duke Carter (1)
Eric October (1)
Ernie Keen (7)
Favorite (80)
Flounder (3)
Flower Pot (1)
Forbidden Island (1)
Frankoma (3)
Gecko'z (13)
Ghost (1)
Glassware (41)
GoTiki (1)
Grog (7)
Hall Pottery (1)
Hand-Built (3)
Hawaii Kai (4)
HF Pottery (1)
Hobbyist (35)
Holland Molds (4)
Hukilau (2)
Hut (5)
Imperial Glass Co. (2)
Islander (1)
Jimmy C (4)
Jody Daily (6)
Joe Vitale (3)
Ken Ruzic (3)
Kevin Kidney (9)
Kirby (1)
Lantern (1)
Lokena (1)
Marcus Pizzuti (6)
Milan Guanko (1)
Moai (53)
Moritz Reichelt (1)
Mr. G (3)
Munktiki (26)
Notch (2)
Ocea Otica (1)
Oceanic Arts (2)
Orchids of Hawaii (9)
orientalia (8)
Otagiri (22)
Papua New Guinea (2)
Paul Brent (2)
Paul Marshall Products (3)
Paul Nielsen (1)
Pineapple (1)
Plastic (1)
Pony Express Creations (6)
Portland (12)
Prototype (1)
Purple Orchid (4)
Randy Bain (1)
Restaurant Ware (2)
Rolly Crump (1)
S and P (8)
Sam Gambino (2)
Sam's Seafood (2)
Serveware (5)
Severed Head (2)
Shag (12)
Shell (2)
Shot (34)
shrunken head (8)
Siesta Ware (1)
Skull (24)
Spurlin (1)
Squid (76)
Squidalu (1)
Statue (4)
Stella Bodey (1)
Steve Crane (1)
Steve Crane Associates (1)
Sven Kirsten (5)
Target (6)
Tea Pot (2)
Terra Ceramics (1)
Test Glaze (4)
The Pizz (13)
Thor (1)
Three Dots and a Dash (4)
Tiki Al (3)
Tiki Central (2)
Tiki Diablo (12)
Tiki Farm (215)
Tiki Kingdom (6)
Tiki Madness (1)
Tiki Oasis (11)
Tiki tOny (2)
Tikitronic (2)
Tim Steger (1)
Tin Cup (1)
Toby Designs (4)
Toddlyn Aurelio (4)
Tommy Bahama (15)
Tonga Hut (2)
Trader Joe Collection (2)
Trader Tom Glazed (30)
Trader Vic (26)
Treasure Craft (4)
UK (2)
Vermonde Original (1)
vintage (138)
Von Franco (4)
Wahine (40)
Wedgwood (1)
Westwood (15)
Wooden (1)

Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Bright Green

Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Dark Green

Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Teal

Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Turquoise

Akuku Shot

Gulp Green

Gulp Limoncello Lounge Edition


Happy Tiki Shot Mug Brown

Health Tiki Shot Mug Brown

Hukilau 2005 Jungle Beat Shotglass Congo Green

Keiki Ku Double Shot Brown

Kon Tiki Tucson Milan Guanko Shot Brown

La Mariana Grinning Shot

La Mariana Scowling Shot

Lil Squirt Shot Green

Little Dig Shot Mug

1 comment

Marqi Marq Tiki Shot Green

Moatu Shot

Mojave Oasis 2011 Shot Mug White

Mystic Order of Tikiyaki Shot Glass

Pony Express Kane Shot Orange

Pony Express Kane Shot Red


Shag Eono Shot

Tini Tongo Double Shot Mug Blue Brown

Tommy Bahama Just Duet Paradise Shooter

Tommy Bahama Kimono Lady Paradise Shooter

Tommy Bahama Tropical Nostalgia Paradise Shooter

Trader Vic's Shrunken Squatter Tiki Shot Green

Voodoo Tiki Tequila Shot Glass

Westwood W-1 Shot

Westwood W-2 Shot

Westwood W-3 Shot

Westwood W-4 Shot

Showing 1-34 of 34 shot mugs
Page 1

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