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About MauiTiki About This Collection
384 mugs
Member since Jan 31, 2006

From: Maui, Hawaii
Interests: Tiki Mugs, Surfing, Graphics
Website - Tiki Central Profile

Aloha from Maui! I began collecting Tiki Mugs back in 1999. I collect Tiki Mugs! No Hula Girls and No Shrunken heads. No Barrels or Coconuts, and definitely No Buddahs. At one point I almost limited my collection to Mugs without handles, but I have a few.

I don't have all the money in the world, so I've had to limit my collecting to Vintage Only. Well, maybe if there is a new mug that I really like, or a limited edition.

Contact me if you would like a custom mug made just for you! Search MauiTiki under designers to see my mugs!



384 mugs - 77 comments - 21 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 0 mugs for Trade
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Kahiki Fireplace Tiki Mug

Kahu The Cannibal

Kai Tiki Mug

Kaikaina Tiki Mug

Kaikaina Tiki Mug Custom

Kaikaina Tiki Mug Custom

Kaikaina Tiki Mug Custom

1 comment

Kaikaina Tiki Mug Custom


Kainoa Village Mug


Kamalo Artist Proof


Kamalo Artist Proof

Kamalo Custom Mug


Kamalo Custom Mug

1 comment

Kamalo Custom Mug

Kamalo Custom Mug

Kapu-Kapu Sand

Keanu Tiki Mug Brown

Kelvin's Tiki Mug

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Kihei Tiki Shot

Kneeling Tiki Mug Matte

1 comment

Kon Tiki Grand Re-Dedication Mug

Kon Tiki Ports Ku Mug

Kon Tiki Sheraton Waikiki Gaping Mouth Tiki Mug

Kon Tiki Tucson Milan Guanko Brown

Kon-Tiki Mug Short Unmarked

Kon-Tiki Mug Tall

Kon-Tiki Ports Boston-Chicago Peanut Mug

Kona Club Tiki Mug

Kona Hawaii Artist Proof


Ku Ku Kachoo Blue Hawaii

Ku Ku Kachoo Papaya & Red Dirt Glaze

Showing 129-160 of 384 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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