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Collection of rontiki66
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About rontiki66 About This Collection
362 mugs
Member since Jun 14, 2010

From: Lake Valley, SWITZERLAND
Interests: TIKI, Vinyl Records, Cars, Tobacco Pipes
Website - Tiki Central Profile

A growing collection on a tiny little island in the middle of Switzerland...

apart from several exceptions, I'm more into classic tiki designs, Vintage Mugs or Mugs with a Vintage Vibe.

Aloha from the Lake Valley - Argovia

362 mugs - 19 comments - 98 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 2 mugs for Trade
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Showing 241-320 of 362 mugs
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Beachbumz (3)
Favorite (18)
Gecko (8)
JerK Kustoms (15)
Porcelanas Pavón (14)

Porcelanas Pavón Janus Bowl

Porcelanas Pavon Lengua Roja

Porcelanas Pavón Maori Mug

Porcelanas Pavon Mascara Ojos Hundidos

Porcelanas Pavon Moai

Porcelanas Pavon Nariz Roja

Porcelanas Pavon Tambor Kahala

Porcelanas Pavon Thambuli

Porcelanas Pavon Vasija 2

Porcelanas Pavon Vasija 7

Porcelanas Pavón Vitu Helmet Tiki Mug

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge Tiki Mug First Edition

Quon-Quon Handled Tiki Mug

Quon-Quon Peanut Mug

Raro Tongo Blue Brown

Royal Hawaiian Tiki Mug First Edition Brown

Royal Lahaina Tiki Mug

Rum Barrel Mug

Rum Barrel Mug

Rum Belly

Rum Tosser's Happy Hour Da Kanta Decanter Green

Rum Tosser's Happy Hour Rum Tosser Mug Green

Rum Tosser's Happy Hour Rum Tosser Mug Green

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Sam's Dinky Noggin Green

Seven Tiki Rum Wasa Atua Mug

1 comment



Shot o' Love Blue

Shot o' Love Green

Shot o' Love Orange

Shot o' Love Purple

Shot o' Love Red

Shot o' Love Yellow

Shrunken Tiki Green with Blood Red Interior

Shrunken Tiki Test Glaze

Skull Mug

Skull Mug

Skull Mug

Slickster Earthen Bamboo

Smokin' Joe Ashtray Mellow Yellow

Smokin' Joe Ashtray Purple Haze

Sqrewed-Up Squll

Squid's Sqorpion Squll Bowl

Standing Buddha with Medicine Jar

Standing Buddha with Medicine Jar

Suffering Bastard 2015 Edition Satin Black

Sunrise Tiki Mug

Sunset Tiki Mug

Sven-Tiki Mug Blue and Brown

Tangata Tiki Mug Blue

Tangata Tiki Mug Green

Taramiue Tiki Mug

Taramiue Tiki Mug

Tau'a in Blue

Tau'a in Caramel Brown

Teko Teko Manaia Tiki Mug Green

Thatch Tiki Mug

The Bone Collector

The Book of Tiki 10th Anniversary Mug

The Connoisseur

The Duke in Green/Lime Green

The Endless Summer 50th Anniversary Tiki Mug

The Player Pinstriped Limited Edition

The Tikinator

Tiki Bar TV Robot Box Shot Glass

Tiki Farm Blue Marquesan

Tiki Farm Easter Island Mug Blue

Tiki Farm Easter Island Mug Green

Tiki Farm Gray Moai Salt & Pepper Shakers

Tiki Farm Green Rarotongan

Tiki Farm Green Rarotongan

Tiki Farm Handled Coconut Mug

Tiki Farm Hawaiian Lono

Tiki Farm Kon-Tiki Mug Green

Tiki Farm Kowloon Tiki Mug First Edition

Tiki Farm Mr. Bali Hai Salt & Pepper Shakers

Tiki Farm Temple Mug Dark Red

Tiki Farm Two Tikis Salt & Pepper Shakers

Tiki Farm Yellow Moai

Showing 241-320 of 362 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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