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Collection of trudeska
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About trudeska About This Collection
126 mugs
Member since Sep 1, 2010

Tiki Central Profile

Creativity in the present tense is what I seek though many vintage pieces (and their stories) appeal if they deliver a smile or I love the design. Like an octopus collecting random shiny things, personal amusement drives my hunt, and at the end of the day much of what I find ends up in my home.

126 mugs - 33 comments - 34 mugs on Wish List
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restaurant/bar (2)
art pottery (2)
bamboo (5)
bosko (10)
Cheeky Tiki (1)
coconut (2)
crazy al (2)
D.Cerva (2)
diablo (2)
event (1)
favorite (13)
glaze sample (1)
GoTiki (2)
monkey (3)
Munktiki (19)
PMP (3)
Porcelanas Pavon (9)
promotional (1)
restaurant/bar (16)
Rum Demon (2)
s&P (3)
tiki farm (5)
Tiki K'aimuki (2)
Tiki Tiki (1)
vintage (20)
westwood (1)

Akamai Kumu

American Hawaii Cruises Volcano

Aumakua Red


Beachbumz Little Big Shot

Beachcomber Cafe Chalice

Bird Man Moai Mug

Bosko Bug Eye Tiki Mug Avocado/Turquoise

Bosko Nu-Ku Firecracker Red

Brody Samoa Style Bamboo Planter Bowl

Brody Samoa Style Handled Bamboo Mug

Carson Tiki Mug Custom


Cheekytiki Bamboo Mug Green

Cheeseburger in Paradise Las Vegas Tiki Mug

Cheeseburger in Paradise Las Vegas Tiki Mug

Cook Island II

Crazy Al Tiki # 13 Mug Brown

Cruzan Rum Coconut Shot Glass

Dingus Ku

Duk Duk Mug

DVA Gallery Intergalactic Island Hopper Decanter

1 comment

Ed Langbein Coconut Bowl


Feejee Mermaid

1 comment

Forbidden Island Fugu


Gecko Seahorse Black/Blue

GOTIKI Wine Glass

GROG Cutesy Bob Mug



Hawaii Kai Moai Mug

Hawaii Kai Painted Moai Salt & Pepper Shakers

Hawaiian Inn Paddle Licker Green

Hawaiian Village Devil's Mask Mug

Hawaiian Village Good Luck Tiki Mug

Hawaiiano Tiki Mug Black

Hawaiiano Tiki Mug Green

Hibiscus Head

Hilton Hawaiian Village Dragon Mug

Holiday Inn Chinatown Mug

Hong Kong Bar Plaza Hotel Mug

Islander Bamboo Mug

Islander Earring Head Mug

Islander Headhunter Mug

Kahiki Zombie Mug Reproduction

Kahlua Hut Tiki Mug Green

Kalipulako Tiki Mug

Kalipulako Tiki Mug Gold

Kapu Tiki

1 comment

Kono Hawaii Tiki Mug

Las Vegas Volcano Mug

Lekookoo Green

Lokura Blue

Mainlander Tiki Mug Large

Mauna Loa Mexico Fertility Goddess with Marking

Mauna Loa Polynesian Pidgeon Mug


Mauna Loa Tiki Mug Black

Mo'I Shot by Dubie

Moai Grande Gold

Mod Man

Model Number 5X-136

Modern Bob Brown

Mr. Macapuno

Munk-E Head

Munk-E Zombie

Munktiki Big Shot Green and Purple

Munktiki Coconut Monkey

1 comment

Munktiki Snack Tub

Munktiki Volcano Bowl #2


Ollie the Octopus

OMC Geisha Mug

OMC Painted Moai Mug

Paul Marshall Products Cracked Coconut Mug

Paul Marshall Products Cracked Coconut Mug

Pina Diablo

PMP Bamboo Mug Beige

Pohaku Po'o

Pointed Headdress Detailed Mug

Pointed Headdress Simple Mug


1 comment
Showing 1-80 of 126 mugs
Page 1, 2

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