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About creecher About This Collection
267 mugs
Member since Sep 17, 2010

From: Dandridge, Tennesee
Interests: Props, Models and Polly Pop
Website - Tiki Central Profile

I live in Dandridge, Tennessee and I am an avid collector of vintage Tiki. I'm really collectiong anything Tiki at the moment, but would like to focus on artist originals and vintage at some point. The wife and I love hunting Tiki at thrift stores, antique malls and estate sales, it's a lot of fun. We make our own mugs as well and will be listed with our collections. At some point we may offer some for sale.

I'm also wanting to show as many pictures as possible of front, back and bottom of the mugs. While this site is a great resource, some of the pictures leave a lot to be desired. I feel that by documenting these mugs it will help others on thier search.

267 mugs - 20 comments - 4 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 0 mugs for Trade
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Al Evans (1)
Benihana (4)
creature from the black lagoon (2)
Dynasty (1)
Fiesta Ware (1)
Harvey's (1)
Hukilau (2)
Islander (1)
Kona Kai (1)
Made in USA (1)
Mandarin Singapore (1)
McCoy (1)
Novco Imports (1)
Orchids of Hawaii (2)
Paul Francis (1)
Quon-Quon (1)
Rum God (1)
Schonfeld's (1)
Wales (1)

Accoutrements Artie Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Big Al Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Jake Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Lenny Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Skull Mug

Aku Aku Ku Tiki Mug

Aloha Hawaii Script Pineapple Salt & Pepper Shakers

Aloha Hut Tiki Mug Green


American Hawaii Cruises Hula Dancer

Angst Tiki Shot Blue/Green

Appleton Estate 2009 Rum God Mug


Bamboo Mug

Bamboo Mug

Benihana Daruma Mug

Benihana Fukurokuju

Benihana Fukurokuju

Benihana Geisha Printed Logo

Benihana Geisha Printed Logo

Benihana Hotei

Benihana Neko

Benihana Rural Girl Mug

Benihana Samurai

Benihana Snake Mug

Benihana Sumo

Benihana Tall Robed Fukurokuju Mug

Big Lots Two Tiki Mug Blue

Big Lots Two Tiki Mug Orange

Bloody Haka Po'o

C-Monster Cup


C-Monster Cup

Chiki Tiki Morning After Tiki Blue/Brown

Chiki Tiki Morning After Tiki Brown

Chin Tiki Mug

Club Wielding Tiki Matte

Creecher Salt & Pepper Shakers

Daga Moai Mug

Daga Surfer Mug Brown

Daga Warrior Mug Yellow

DesignPac Tiki Pitcher

Don Ho Polynesian Palace Loball

Dynasty Green Tiki Mug

Dynasty Mermaid Mug Blue

Dynasty Skull Mug

EFCCO Tiki Mug

EFCCO Tiki Mug

Fisherman's Wharf Bamboo Mug Yellow

Florida Short Ku Salt & Pepper Shakers

Glass Two-Faced Tiki Tall Clear


Goddess Uti Tiki Bowl

Green Ninja Mug

GROG Hobbyist Broad Nose Moai Mug with Headpiece

GROG Moai Salt and Pepper Shakers

GROG Tiki Bob Shot

Handled Hobbyist Duncan Home Stackable Tiki

Handled Jake Tiki Mug Green

Handled Kon Tiki Mug Green

Handled Lucky Tiki Mug Florida

Handled Nubby Headdress Mug

Harolds Moonshot Glass

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Bucket Mug with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hula Girl Mug with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hula Girl Mug with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Sneaky Tiki Black

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Sneaky Tiki Green with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Tall Shot Glass

Hawaii 50th Anniversary Mug

Hawaii Hibiscus Salt & Pepper Shakers

Hawaii Pineapple Multicolor Lei Toothpick Holder

Hawaiian Cottage Geisha Mug

Hawaiian Distillers Hula Girl Decanter

Hawaiian Distillers King Kamehameha Decanter

Hawaiian Inn Handled Intense Tiki Mug Blue

Hawaiian Inn Handled Intense Tiki Mug Gold

Hawaiian Inn Paddle Sucker Orange

Hawaiian Inn Peanut Lined Face Mug Fully Glazed

Hawaiian Inn Tiki Leilani

Hawaiian Open 1974 Decanter

Hobbyist Duncan Home Stackable Maori Tiki

Showing 1-80 of 267 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4

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