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Collection of khan_tiki_mon
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About khan_tiki_mon About This Collection
254 mugs
Member since Sep 28, 2006

From: Syracuse, NY
Tiki Central Profile

The two favorite mugs that I have in my collection are both Orchids of Hawaii R-72 patterns. There is nothing special about them except for the fact that my wife bought them for me. Of course, that's something she probably now regrets. About ten years ago I was into collecting bar glassware from the 40s and 50s. One day while I was at work my wife was at a garage sale and she got me these 2 mugs. She thought I might like them. These mugs started the whole Tiki obsession. Now there's an entire Tiki room in the house and my wife complains about tripping over the e-Bay packages when she gets home from work.

254 mugs - 3 comments - 3 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 0 mugs for Trade
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Ho-Waiian Don

Holiday Inn Chinatown Mug

Hot Rod Hula Hop 5 Mug

Hukilau 2008 Tiki Mug

Hukilau 2009 Mug

Hukilau 2010 Tiki Mug

Hukilau 2012 Mug

Hukilau 2013 Mug in Redwood Ember

Hukilau Coconut Mug

Inca Pisco Monument Bottle

Inca Pisco Seated Man Bottle

Island Beauties Mug Red

Islander OMC Surfer Girl Mug

Islander Three Face Bucket Standard Size

Jekyll & Hyde Club Warrior Mug Green

Jungle Boy

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Kahiki Skull Mug

Kahlua Mayan Decanter Brown

Kai Ku Diver Mug Tan

Kalifornia Ku Brown

Karo Batak


Kon Tiki Sheraton Waikiki Gaping Mouth Tiki Mug

Kon-Tiki Fogcutter

Kumamoto Castle Mug White

Libertiki Skull Shot Mug

Lil' Lucky Tiki Shot

Lined Face Peanut Shot Blue

Lined Face Peanut Shot Brown

Lined Face Peanut Shot Green

Lined Face Peanut Shot Yellow

Luau At The Lake 2009 Mug

Luau At The Lake 2010 Mug

Luau At The Lake 2011 Mug

Luau At The Lake 2012 Bucket Mug

Luau At The Lake 2013 Papua New Guinea Drum Mug

Lucky Tiki Mug

Mai Kai Decanter Reproduction Brown

Mai Kai Rum Barrel by Dynasty

Maneki Neko White

Marcel Moai

Maui Marriott Banana Mug


Mini Mai-Kai Mystery Bowl

Modern China Droopy Tiki Mug White

Mondo Maori Tiki Mug Brown

Monster Marq Brown

Mr. Bali Hai Concave OMC Mug

Mr. Rain's Ika

1 comment

Mugoomba Tribute Float Mug Teal

Myers's Rum Coffee Mug

New China Inn Hula Girl Mug Green

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaiian Honeycreeper Mug

Norwegian Cruise Line Humuhumu

Norwegian Cruise Line Tiki

Oi' Pona

Okolehao Three Piece Decanter Green

OMC Three Tiki Bowl

Ono Lono Brown

Orchids of Hawaii Buddha

Orchids of Hawaii Fukurokuju Mug

Orchids of Hawaii Hotei

Orchids of Hawaii Hula Girl Bowl White

Orchids of Hawaii Hula Girl Inset Tan

Orchids of Hawaii Hula Girl Red

Orchids of Hawaii R-12

Orchids of Hawaii R-13A

Orchids of Hawaii R-5 Green

Orchids of Hawaii R-72

Orchids of Hawaii R-73A

Orchids of Hawaii R-74

Orchids of Hawaii R-79

Orchids of Hawaii R-82 Japan

Orchids of Hawaii R-92

Orchids of Hawaii R-93

Orchids of Hawaii R-94

Orchids of Hawaii R-96

Orchids of Hawaii R-98

Orchids of Hawaii Samurai

Orchids of Hawaii Surfer Boy Mug Blue

Showing 81-160 of 254 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4

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