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Collection of khan_tiki_mon
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About khan_tiki_mon About This Collection
256 mugs
Member since Sep 28, 2006

From: Syracuse, NY
Tiki Central Profile

The two favorite mugs that I have in my collection are both Orchids of Hawaii R-72 patterns. There is nothing special about them except for the fact that my wife bought them for me. Of course, that's something she probably now regrets. About ten years ago I was into collecting bar glassware from the 40s and 50s. One day while I was at work my wife was at a garage sale and she got me these 2 mugs. She thought I might like them. These mugs started the whole Tiki obsession. Now there's an entire Tiki room in the house and my wife complains about tripping over the e-Bay packages when she gets home from work.

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Orchids of Hawaii Surfer Boy Mug Blue

Orchids Of Hawaii Tanuki Bear Mug White

Orientalia Mug

Other Mug


Pacific Islander Collection Ku Mug

Pacific Islander Collection Lono Mug

Pacific Islander Collection Tongo Mug

Parrot Mug Blue

Parrot Mug Red

Paul Marshall Products Peanut Tiki Mug

PMP Bamboo Mug Beige

Pony Express Kanaloa Tiki Mug Blue

Pony Express Kane Tiki Mug Red

Pony Express Ku Tiki Mug Yellow

Pony Express Lono Tiki Mug Brown

PopTiki P-15 Tourist Bowl

PopTiki P-25 Skull Mug Regular Edition

PopTiki P-4 Tourist Bucket Mug

Pottery Barn Captain's Room Plate

1 comment

Pottery Barn Coconut Cafe Plate

Pottery Barn Grass Skirt Grill Plate

Pottery Barn Hibiscus Lounge Plate

Raro Tongo Blue Brown

Samurai Helmet Mug


Shrunken Shriner Mug Brown

Skull Monkey

Spirit Hut Mug


Standing Buddha with Medicine Jar

Stowaway Scrimshaw Flask

Suffering Bastard Reproduction Black

Sven-Tiki Mug Brown and Green

Tanuki Mug White

Tanuki Mug White


The Book of Tiki 10th Anniversary Mug

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

The King In Yellow Mug Kickstarter Open Edition

The Tikinator

The Trophy for Otto's Shrunken Head 10th Anniversary

Three Amigos Bowl

Tiki Coaster 4-Pack Ku Head

Tiki Coaster 4-Pack Ku Head

Tiki Coaster 4-Pack Triangle Head

Tiki Coaster 4-Pack Tribal Figure

Tiki Farm Blue Marquesan

Tiki Farm Green Rarotongan

Tiki Farm Hawaiian Lono

Tiki Farm Hula Girl Candle Holder Green

Tiki Farm Trader Vic's Kava Bowl

Tiki Farm Yellow Moai

Tiki Goddess Mug Brown

Tiki Taki Toe Shot Green

Tiki Taki Toe Shot Orange

Tiki Torch Mug

Tikiyaki Jungle Jetsetter Drum Mug

Tikiyaki Polynesian Village Hotel Tiki Mug

Tommy Bahama A Fistful of Margaritas Frosted Hiball Glass

Tommy Bahama Casa de Chill Frosted Shooter

Tommy Bahama Cigarface Frosted Hiball Glass

Tommy Bahama Desperate Steak Knives Frosted Hiball Glass

Tommy Bahama Green Party Hula Girl Coffee Mug

Tommy Bahama Grill Team Frosted Shooter

Tommy Bahama Happy Hour Hotspot Frosted Shooter

Tommy Bahama Havana Good Time Frosted Shooter

Tommy Bahama Hula Girls Coffee Mug

Tommy Bahama I Dream of Tini Frosted Hiball Glass

Tommy Bahama Kimono Lady Paradise Shooter

Tommy Bahama Land of Fish & Chicks Frosted Shooter

Tommy Bahama Marlin Shot Mug

Tommy Bahama Pelican Cigars Frosted Shooter

Tommy Bahama Rock Star Frosted Hiball Glass

Tommy Bahama Rum Boston Style Cocktail Shaker

Tommy Bahama The Man With The Golden Rum Frosted Hiball Glass

Tommy Bahama Wahine Mug 2002

Tommy Bahama Wahine Mug 2003

Tommy Bahama Wahine Mug 2004

Tommy Bahama Wahine Mug 2006

Tommy Bahama Wahine Mug 2007

Showing 161-240 of 256 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4

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