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About MakeDaMug About This Collection
54 mugs
Member since Sep 30, 2006

Website - Tiki Central Profile

Slowly but surely I will be adding images of my mug collection, both TF and other manufacturers.

I started manufacturing Tiki mugs during my prior part-time business venture, eBachelorpad. We offered a wide array of items for the ultimate bachelorpad - not just Tiki mugs. Prior to manufacturing mugs, I was reselling Dynasty mugs and just wasn't happy with the quality and the aesthetic. I thought how hard can it be to make a mug?! I even rep'd Munktiki when they had just one mug - their original bugeye.

Well, some years later, Tiki mugs have taken over my life. I am obsessed with creating new designs. At any given time, I will have a sleu of new designs in varying stages of development as a result of both the retail sectors & commissioned work sectors of my business. At the time of writing this, I am working on 91 new mugs/shots/bowls/decanters. Most are commissions but many are regular retail wares & a few are limiteds.

Tiki Farm was never intended to be my full-time occupation. I had a very lucrative position/paycheck with my former employer and sometimes I can't believe that I gave it all up but... no way I would change a thing. I may not ever be a Rockefeller... but I'm havin' a hell of a lotta Funafeller!!

54 mugs - 31 comments - 1 mug on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 0 mugs for Trade
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Akuku Decanter

Bamboo Ben Mug

Banzai Soap Dish

Bracco Moai Mug

1 comment



1 comment

Crazy Niho Mug Brown

Dental Light Green

1 comment

Disneyland Pele Tiki Mug Aquamarine


Disneyland Pele Tiki Mug Emerald Green

1 comment

Electric Tiki Double Shot Blue

Electric Tiki Double Shot Brown

Giant Ku Mug Island Brown

Hukilau 2004 Tiki Mug Yellow

Igor Decanter

1 comment

Island Systems & Design 2004 Mug

Kon Tiki Museum Mug

1 comment

Kowloon Fogcutter


Mad Marq Emerald Green

Mongo Soap Pump

Pocket Kahuna Tiki Flask Cobalt Blue

Purple Orchid Logo Mug

Rapa Hu Tiki Lamp

Rongo Toothbrush Holder

Sam's Dinky Noggin Green

Sam's Shrunken Head Blue

Squid's Sqorpion Squll Bowl


1 comment

Sven-Tiki Mug Brown


Tana'oa Green

The Bali Hai Goof


The Ghastly Ones Gravekeeper Green

Showing 1-32 of 54 mugs
Page 1, 2

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