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Collection of ScarabaTiki
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About ScarabaTiki About This Collection
514 mugs
Member since Nov 30, 2006

From: I'iwi Lounge, So.California
Interests: Tiki, Coleoptera, Music, Travel and Nature Photography
Tiki Central Profile

Aloha from The I'iwi Lounge.

I've been collecting tiki mugs and other tiki items since about 2006, but I've enjoyed all things tiki and tropical for as long as I can remember. I also collect vintage Exotica, South Seas and Lounge vinyl, and really enjoy tunes by Martin Denny, Augie Colon, Eden Abhez, Frank Hunter, Esquivel and other artists of the period.

My favorites are vintage restaurant tiki mugs. An original Mr. Bali Ha'i mug was my first find in a San Diego thrift shop. Then I bought a copy of Tiki Quest...for a person with the 'collector gene,' that was my downfall. Anyway, I like the historical connection to the Polynesian Pop era I get with these older mugs.

I like many contemporary mug designs as well, including cool mugs by Munktiki, Tiki Farm, Crazy Al, Tiki Diablo, Gecko and other great artists. My collection favorite among these newer designs is Munktiki's Trader Mort's mug! What an awesome tiki! Brings back many happy memories of hanging around Shelter Island back in the 70's and 80's.

Treasure hunting the thrift/antique stores for tiki mugs is good fun. Unfortunately good finds are few and far between here in the Inland Empire. See the 'wild finds' tag to see the mugs I have been lucky enough to score on my various urban expeditions.

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Aku Aku (4)
Aku Tiki Lounge (1)
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Bali Ha'i (8)
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Salt / Pepper (37)
Sam's Seafood (2)
SHAG (5)
Shots (22)
Skipper Kent's (2)
Solomon Is. (2)
South Seas (1)
Squid (40)
Steve Crane (1)
Tahiti Joe's (1)
The Fireside (1)
The Hawaiian (1)
The Islands (2)
Thor (1)
Tiki Bob (3)
Tiki Bob's (3)
Tiki Diablo (5)
Tiki Farm (113)
Toby Designs (3)
Tommy Bahama (8)
Tonga Room (2)
Totem Pottery (1)
Trader Dick's (11)
Trader Pang's (1)
Trader Vic's (17)
Treasure Craft (4)
Vintage (298)
Von Franco (1)
Westwood (34)
Wild Finds (71)

Aku Aku Coconut Mug

Aloha Hawaii Banner Pineapple Salt & Pepper Shakers

Aloha Hawaii Wahine Mug

APE Fez Wearing Monkey Production Mug

Cainraiser Honolulu Airport Bamboo Mug

Crossed Arms Tiki Mug Bisque Smooth

Crossed Arms Tiki Mug Bisque Textured

Daga Surfer Mug Brown

DCC USA Coconut Mug

Don Ho Polynesian Palace Loball

Don Ho's Island Grill Suck 'Em Up Lowball

Don the Beachcomber Coconut Mug by Desert Ceramics

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Don the Beachcomber Mug Long Neck Brown

Fisherman's Wharf Bamboo Mug Yellow

Glass Two-Faced Tiki Tall Amber

Hard Rock Hotel Hot Head Mug

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Bucket Mug with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hula Girl Mug with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hula Girl Mug with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Sneaky Tiki Green with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Sneaky Tiki Green with Script Font

Hawaii Blue Tiki Salt & Pepper Shakers

Hibiscus Head

House of Hong Mug Green

Igor Decanter

Kahala Hilton Three Tiki Scorpion Bowl

1 comment

Kauai Resort Hotel Loball

Kono Hawaii Ku Tiki Mug

Kula Tiki Mug Island Brown

Libbey Bamboo Mug Brown and Blue

Luau Tiki Salt & Pepper Shakers

Maui Lu Daga Warrior Mug

Mobana Monkey Decanter

Molokai Mule Mug

Mr. Bali Hai Concave OMC Mug

Mr. Bali Hai Tiki Farm Mug Edition I

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaiian Honeycreeper Mug

OMC Black Moai

OMC Bug Eyed Moai Wide

OMC Geisha Mug

OMC Three Face Bucket Mug

Orchids of Hawaii R-3

Orchids of Hawaii R-72 Woodgrain

Orchids of Hawaii R-76 Brown Japan

Orchids of Hawaii R-91

Orchids of Hawaii Surfer Boy Mug Blue

Otagiri Skull Mug

Paul Marshall Products Peanut Tiki Mug

Pointed Headdress Flat Rim Mug

Polynesian Cultural Center Moai Mug

Round House Bamboo Mug

Shell Head Green

Tall Lucky Tiki Mug

Tiki Leilani Mug

Toby Designs Mar-Hiti Tall Tiki Mug

Trader Dick's Little Surfer Girl Mug Vintage

Trader Dick's OMC Moai Medium

Trader Dick's Peanut Lined Face OMC Mug

Trader Vic's Big Shot Glass Green

Trader Vic's Fog Cutter Speckled

Trader Vic's Plain Coconut

Trader Vic's Plain Coconut

Treasure Craft Hawaii Volcano Mug

Treasure Craft Tiki Salt & Pepper Shakers Hawaii Base

Tron the Beachcomber

Uncle Billy's Eyeless Ku Mug

Westwood W-13 Mug Brown

Westwood W-13 Mug Green

Westwood W-3 Mug

Whaler's Rum Tiki Mug Purple

Whaler's Rum Tiki Mug Yellow

Showing 1-71 of 71 Wild Finds mugs
Page 1

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