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About Guybrush77 About This Collection
103 mugs
Member since Jun 16, 2011

From: Worcester, MA
Website - Tiki Central Profile

Back when I turned 21, I didn't like beer. Tropical drinks were something that I liked to make and chinese restaurant bars were the closest thing to Tiki that I could find. I had a few mugs back then, but never appreciated the art form until recently. Now 13 years later, I'm hunting down some amazing ones one mug at a time.

This year I've begun making my own mugs with girlfriend and artist Grace. We're about to launch our first official run this summer so check out for more info, LIKE our page on Facebook, and follow us on Tumblr and Instagram! Hopefully as you all start collecting our mugs, we'll see them here in your collection!

You will also see in my collection my first commissioned Tiki Farm mug, the Mixxit Rocket! It was created for the Australian company, not available on the website and therefor, harder to find. Maybe I'll see a few listed?

103 mugs - 2 comments - 12 mugs on Wish List
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Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Bright Green

Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Dark Green

Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Teal

Accoutrements Mini Tiki Mug Shot Turquoise

APE Fez Wearing Monkey Production Mug

Ape Head Mug

Baby Barnacle Triple Shot Mug Beige

Baby Barnacle Triple Shot Mug Yellow

Bali Hai Crossed Arms Tiki Mug

Bali Hai Palm Tree Mug

Bamboo Mug

Bar Harbor Barnacle Mug Green

Bar Harbor Barnacle Mug Green

Bar Harbor Barnacle Mug Reddish Brown

Bar Harbor Barnacle Mug Tan

Benihana Hotei

Bloody Haka Po'o

Cap'n Sqully

Captain Hold Fast Blue

China Sails OMC Bug Eyed Moai

Circle Moai

Drink Bot

Dynasty Bora Mug Brown

Dynasty Monkey Hear Mug

Dynasty Pineapple Mug

Dynasty Pirate Cup

Dynotones Monster Mug

El Bastardo Red

Glass Two-Faced Tiki Short Clear

Hair of the Dog Mug

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Bucket Mug

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Sneaky Tiki Black

Honolulu White Tiki Mug

Hula Ka-Boola

Ippai Limited Edition

Island Systems & Design 2008 Mug

Jivaro Shrunken Head

John's Garden Tiki Mug Blue

Kai-Kanak White & Red

Kon Tiki Tucson Milan Guanko Head Mug

Kong Tiki

Ku Man

Lil' Waha Nui Earthen Green

Luau Hut Hula Girl Mug Orange

Magno Capuchin Zombie

Mai Kai Angst Tiki Brown

Mai Kai Rum Barrel

Mana-Mana Blue

Maui Lu Daga Warrior Mug

Merv Decanter

Mixxit Rocket Mug


Monkey Boy

Mug of the Berserker

Mugoomba Tribute Float Mug Teal

Munk-E Mug Stack

Munk-E Zombie

Munktiki Shrunken Head

Norwegian Cruise Line Tiki

Oahu Tiki Mug in Caramel Brown

OMC Pirate Head Mug

OMC Small Skull with Side Handle

Ono Lono Brown

Orchids of Hawaii R-13A

Orchids of Hawaii R-15 Yellow Pineapple Mug

Orchids of Hawaii R-72

Orchids of Hawaii R-74

Orchids of Hawaii R-76 Brown Japan

Orchids of Hawaii R-82 Japan

Other Mug

Other Mug

Other Mug


Pele Head Mug Limited Edition

Pink Elephant

Pointed Headdress Flat Rim Mug

Pygmy Tree Dwellers


Scallywag Skull Mug Aqua

Scallywag Skull Mug Brown

Showing 1-80 of 103 mugs
Page 1, 2

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