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About mondo-by-the-bay About This Collection
944 mugs
Member since Jan 1, 2012

From: Chesapeake Bay
Interests: Gardening, History & Haunts, Cooking, Movies, Old Postcards, and ...Sun, Sand & Tiki Libations!
Tiki Central Profile

Our home laboratory of bottles and potions for experimenting with tiki drink recipes scares our neighbors. Our mugs frighten them even more. But they always leave with a tipsy smile on their face.

As our recipe file grew, our tiki shelf morphed into many shelves. We prefer the classic, older mugs, especially with connections to restaurants and other places, but we enjoy the newer creations as well. We also have a fondness for skulls, shrunken heads and other haunted tiki souls. Our collection includes a graveyard of the tortured tikis that have been tragically broken during shipment--it helps them cross over peacefully to the other side where there are no mai tais.

How did we get here? A trip to the Beverly Hills Trader Vic's in 1969 as a little girl. Nights at our local and fabulously tacky Blue Hawaii restaurant in Portmouth, VA in the 1970s. Trips last year to Hawaii and San Diego fueled our tiki pursuits even further. Need. More. Mugs.

944 mugs - 16 comments - 491 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 28 mugs for Trade
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1/1 Custom (Wish List #4) (1)
2014 (1)
Accoutrements (12)
Acme Bakeware (1)
Animal Kingdom (44)
Artist Proof (4)
Asian Theme (3)
AtomicTonyTiki (3)
Attraction Location (1)
B (19)
Bank (4)
Barney West (3)
Barrel (5)
Basement Kahuna (1)
Beachbumz (8)
Big Lots (1)
Big Toe (10)
Bird (1)
Bongo Fury (1)
Book of Tiki (2)
Bosko (5)
Bowana (7)
Bowl (27)
Brad Parker (6)
Bucket (1)
Bucket Mug (30)
Canada (1)
Cannibal (3)
Cannibals (1)
Capt'n Skully (2)
Carolyn Kopecky (2)
Castaway Ceramics (5)
Cat (1)
Cheekytiki (2)
Chiki Tiki (6)
Chongolio (4)
Clarita Tiki (2)
Clay Art (4)
Coconut (15)
Coconut Monkey (8)
Crazy Al Evans (19)
Creep Set (2)
Cursed Tikis (1)
Custom (3)
Daga (8)
David Wong (2)
Deadhead Rum Set (2)
Decanter (16)
Derek Yaniger (13)
Devil (6)
Dirty Donny (1)
Disney (17)
Disneyland Totem Stackable (3)
Donella Vitale (6)
Doug DoRr (1)
Doug Horne (21)
Drew Brophy (5)
Drum (2)
Dynasty (8)
Earrings (1)
Eekum Bookum (14)
Event (59)
Floater (5)
Flounder (11)
Forbidden Cannibal Set (3)
Frankie's (14)
Frankoma (3)
Garden Gate (3)
Gecko (44)
Ghost (1)
Grass Tiki (1)
Grog (5)
Handle Mug (35)
Happy Hour Set (2)
Hawaii Souvenir (2)
Holden Westland (5)
Hukilau (5)
Island Heritage (2)
Jack Churchill (1)
Jar (1)
Jerk Kustoms (2)
Jimmy C (4)
Jody Daily (11)
Joe Mello (1)
Joe Vitale (6)
Johnnie Velour (1)
Jungle Modern Ceramics (1)
Kane (3)
KC Hawaii (19)
Ken Pleasant (1)
Ken Ruzic (4)
Kevin Kidney (13)
Kirby (1)
Kreepytiki (1)
Lantern (6)
Lava (1)
Leroy Schmaltz (1)
Libbey (1)
Lidded (2)
Lidded Mug (28)
Limited Edition [Numbered] (64)
Little Lost Tiki (2)
Lluis Fuzzhound (1)
Made in China (24)
Magic Glass (1)
Magno (1)
Mahalo Tiki (2)
Marcus Pizzuti (9)
Mark Zeilman (1)
MauiTiki (8)
Menehune (1)
Mermaid (3)
Michael Sbicca (1)
Milan Guanko (2)
Moai (12)
Monster Set (4)
Movenpick (2)
MP (1)
Mr. G (3)
Mulder142 (12)
Munktiki (183)
Music (22)
Napkin Holder (1)
No Markings (9)
Notch (7)
Ocea Otica (1)
Oceanic Arts (1)
Oddity (2)
OMC (37)
Orchids of Hawaii (23)
Otagiri (2)
Otto Von Stroheim (1)
Pacific Islander Collection (3)
Paul Elder (1)
Paul Nielsen (5)
Philippe Tilikete (6)
Pineapple (2)
Pirate (3)
Pitcher (4)
Pizz Stacker Set (4)
PMP (3)
Pony Express (4)
Pop Tiki (2)
Promo (21)
Quon-Quon (1)
Restaurant/Bar (169)
Rhum Sipper (1)
Rigor Morty and Dirt Nappers (4)
Rob Hawes (7)
Rolly Crump (7)
Rum Demon (1)
Rumba (3)
Sacramento Crawl (1)
Salt and Pepper Set (24)
Sam Gambino (12)
Scott Taylor (7)
Seahorse (1)
Serveware (1)
Shag (43)
Shot Mini Mug (65)
Shrunken Head (34)
Sketchy Tank (1)
Skull (6)
Squid (96)
Squindo (1)
Stacker (44)
Stemware (5)
Steve Crane (3)
Store (1)
Stuckie (29)
Suffering Bastard (3)
Sugar Bowl (1)
Surfing (5)
Sven Kirsten (1)
Swizzle (1)
Taboo Island (9)
Tank (1)
Teapot Set (3)
The Pizz (16)
Thor (2)
Tiki Bob (24)
Tiki Central (2)
Tiki Diablo (19)
Tiki Farm (298)
Tiki Joe Set (4)
Tiki Kaimuki (3)
Tiki Oasis (7)
Tiki tOny (6)
Timothy Steger (1)
TO14 (5)
Toby Designs (1)
Toddlyn Aurelio (1)
Toothpick Holder (2)
Trader Vic (18)
Treasure Craft (1)
Unkle Fun (1)
VanTaiki (3)
Vase (3)
Volcano (1)
Volcano Island Bob (1)
Von Franc0 (1)
Von Franco (3)
Wahine (17)
Wendy Cevola (15)
Westwood (28)
Wildsville Man (1)
Witch Doctor (1)
Zerostreet (1)
Zombie (9)
ZZ (3)

Atariki Moai Mug Pele Edition

1 comment

Augie Colon Tiki Mug Custom

Bahooka 40th Anniversary Mug Green

Big Toe Mug Artist Proof

Big Toe Mug Custom

Big Toe Mug Green

Big Toe Mug Limited

Bracco Moai Mug

Burnin' Love

Cap'n Sqully

Cheeseburger in Paradise Waikiki Tiki Mug

Conga Lounge Mug

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Dinky Tiki Shot Brown

Dinky Tiki Shot Green

Dinky Tiki Shot Purple

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Dinky Tiki Shot Turquoise

Dinky Tiki Shot Yellow

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Shag Adventureland Tiki Mug

Disneyland Pele Tiki Mug Brown

Drei Moai Mug Brown Two-Tone

Drei Moai Mug Green Two-Tone

Drei Moai Scorpion Bowl

Drinky Green

Extremely Angry

Extremely Happy

Frankie's Tiki Room 5th Anniversary Mug Sandstone

Frankie's Tiki Room Tiki Bandit Mug

Gecko Exotica Mug Green

Hawaii Aloha Glass Float Mug Green

Hawaii Aloha Glass Float Mug Yellow

Hukilau 2003 Tiki Mug

Hukilau 2005 Jungle Beat Shotglass Botswana Brown

Hukilau 2005 Jungle Beat Shotglass Congo Green

Hukilau 2005 Jungle Beat Shotglass Yellow

Igor Decanter

Island Systems & Design 2004 Mug

Jungle Boy

Kahiki Fireplace Tiki Mug

Kapu-Kapu Sand

Kinda Happy

Kon Tiki Grand Re-Dedication Mug

Kon Tiki Tucson Milan Guanko Bowl

Kon Tiki Tucson Milan Guanko Shot Brown

Kowloon Fogcutter

Ku Ku Kachoo Retirement Edition

Kula Tiki Mug Mystic Blue Brown

Legends of Exotica Arthur Lyman Custom Painted

Lewis Tiki Mug

Luau At The Lake 2012 Bucket Mug Artist Proof

Mad Marq Emerald Green

Mad Marq Stone Green/Gray

Maneki Neko Jar

Marcel Moai

Marcus Carcass

Marqo Pollo

Mondo Maori Tiki Mug Beige and Brown Satin

Mondo Maori Tiki Mug Blue

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Mondo Maori Tiki Mug Brown

Okolemaluna Glass Float Mug

Otto's Shrunken Head Mug Green

Otto's Shrunken Head Mug Green

Pink Panther 40th Anniversary Tiki Mug #1

Pink Panther 40th Anniversary Tiki Mug #2


Rigor Morty

Rob DeGraves

Sam's Dinky Noggin Green

Sam's Dinky Noggin Purple

Sam's Seafood Maori Mug

Sam's Shrunken Head Blue

Sam's Shrunken Head Blue

Sepik River Abelam Mask Ali'i Edition

1 comment

Shag Enchanted Tiki Room 40th Anniversary Goblet

Shag Enchanted Tiki Room 40th Anniversary Pole Mug

Shag Mondo Tiki Mug Yellow

Shrunken Ed

Spirit Hut Candle Holder

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Spirit Hut Mug

Squat Shot Brown

Sven-Tiki Mug Brown and Green

Showing 1-80 of 96 Squid mugs
Page 1, 2

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