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About Tahiki About This Collection
365 mugs
Member since Aug 27, 2007

From: Annapolis, Maryland
Interests: Boating, Tiki, Gamer
Tiki Central Profile

My interest in collecting tiki mugs began when I decided to convert the bar on my boat into a tiki bar. Not very practical, but I had no basement in my house, so I made do with my boat. I did manage to secure the mugs so they could withstand most any kind of pounding the boat might take. My collection soon expanded well beyond the capacity of my little Floating Tiki Bar. Sadly, my space dilemma was solved when my boat sank. I was able to save most of my mugs of value, and I used the unfortunate incident as an excuse to reclaim the family room from my kids and install a good sized tiki bar. My mugs are much happier with this new arrangement.

I collect all kinds of mugs, but have a weakness for vintage mugs from the famous old tiki palaces.

365 mugs - 4 comments - 42 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 2 mugs for Trade
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Accoutrements (10)
Aku Aku (5)
animal (14)
Ashtray (1)
Bali Hai Lynnfield (2)
Bali Hai San Diego (5)
Bamboo (5)
Bar Tiki (1)
barrel (4)
Beauce (1)
benihana (1)
Bisque (1)
Bosko (6)
bowl (15)
Bucket (3)
Buddha (3)
Bumatay (1)
Catalina (1)
chiki tiki (3)
Chinese (16)
coaster (1)
cocktail shaker (2)
Coconut (7)
coffee grog (4)
Coin Bank (2)
Crazy Al Evans (4)
Daga (5)
Danny Gallardo (2)
Dave Wolfe (1)
DC (1)
Decanter (5)
Derek Yaniger (2)
Desert Ceramics (1)
Dirty Donny (1)
Disney (14)
Don Ho (2)
Don the Beachcomber (5)
Donella Vitale (1)
Doug Horne (4)
dragon (1)
Drew Brophy (2)
Duke Carter (1)
Dynasty (18)
Emerson Hotel (4)
Enchanted Tiki Room (12)
Ernie Keen (1)
Fertility (1)
Fireside (1)
Flounder (1)
Fogcutter (3)
Frankoma (1)
fu manchu (2)
Gecko (3)
geisha (4)
Glassware (26)
Hale Tiki (1)
Handle (58)
Hard Rock (1)
Harvey's (4)
Hawaii Kai (5)
Hawaiian Cottage (2)
Hawaiian Inn (4)
Hawaiian Village (2)
Head Hunter (1)
Hilton Hawaiian Village (1)
Hinano (1)
Hoffman (1)
Honolulu Mass (1)
Hukilau (1)
Hula (18)
Hula Girl (2)
Humuhumu (1)
Imperial Glass (2)
Islander (10)
Jekyll & Hyde Club (3)
Jody Daily (5)
JPCo (1)
JTVic (1)
Junkanoo (1)
Kabuki (1)
Kahiki (5)
Kahlua Hut (1)
KC Co (1)
Ken Ruzic (1)
Kevin Kidney (2)
Kon Tiki (2)
Kon Tiki Ports (3)
Kon Tiki Tucson (1)
Kona Club (1)
Kowloon (5)
Ku (2)
Leilani (1)
Libby (1)
Lid (11)
Loball (1)
Louie B Ceramics (3)
Luau (1)
Luau Hut (2)
Mai Kai (7)
Mainlander (2)
Malibu Surf Shop (1)
Marcus Pizutti (1)
Margarita (1)
Maryland (12)
Mass (1)
Maui Kauai (1)
Maui Lu (1)
Mauna Loa (1)
Mini (4)
Moai (18)
Moari (1)
Morgantown Glass (1)
Mr Bali Hai (1)
Munktiki (5)
Neko (1)
Noh (1)
Norwegian Cruise Line (4)
Nudie (2)
Oceanic Arts (1)
OMC (43)
Orchids (1)
Orchids of Hawaii (18)
Oriental (1)
Outrigger (2)
painted (1)
Painted Moai (1)
Parksmith (1)
Parrot (3)
Paul Nielson (4)
Peanut (1)
Philadelphia (1)
Pinapple Ku (1)
Pineapple (3)
Pirate (1)
Pitcher (2)
PMP (4)
Pointed Headress (1)
Pony Express (1)
Pub Tiki (1)
Purple Jade (1)
Redwing (1)
reproduction (5)
Rolly Crump (1)
Ruby glass (3)
Rum Demon (1)
samurai (1)
seahorse (2)
Shag (6)
Shaker (6)
Shakers (17)
Shot (29)
Shrunken Head (3)
Sidney Frank (1)
Skipper Kent's (2)
Skull (6)
Solomons Island Tiki Bar (12)
Spice (6)
Squid (16)
Stemware (4)
Steve Crane (6)
Stukie (1)
Suffering Bastard (5)
sumo (1)
Surfer (6)
Tepco (3)
Thor (1)
TIki Bar TV (4)
Tiki Bob (2)
Tiki Diablo (1)
Tiki Farm (73)
Toby (2)
Tommy Bahama (7)
Tonga Room (2)
tongue (1)
Toothpick Holder (1)
Trader Dick's (1)
Trader Vic's (39)
Vintage (152)
Wahine (27)
War God (3)
Warrior (1)
Wellseville China (1)
Wendy Cevalo (3)
Westenhaver (1)
Westwood (39)
Whaler Rum (1)
wood (1)
X-eyes (2)

Aku Aku Ku Tiki Mug

Aku Aku Moai with Lid

Aku Aku OMC Surfer Girl Mug

Aku Aku Rum Barrel

Al Harrington Ku Handled Mug Yellow

Beauce Moai Mug Green

Bisque Tiki Head Gift Set Yellow Eyes Small

Castaway Bug Eyed Moai

1 comment

Disneyland Moai Salt & Pepper Shakers

Don the Beachcomber Coconut Mug

Don the Beachcomber Coconut Mug

Don the Beachcomber Rum Barrel Brown and White

Don the Beachcomber Sahara Hotel Ashtray

Don the Beachcomber Salt & Pepper Shakers

Fireside Moai

Frankoma T-7 Coconut Mug White

Genghis Khan Mug White

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Bucket Mug with Script Font

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hula Girl Bowl Small

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hula Girl Mug

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Sneaky Tiki Black

Hawaii Kai Hula Girl with Tiki Mask Mug

Hawaii Kai Ku Tiki Mug

Hawaiian Cottage Geisha Mug

Hawaiian Cottage Parrot Mug

Hawaiian Inn Handled Intense Tiki Mug Gold

Hawaiian Inn Paddle Licker Green

Hawaiian Inn Tiki Leilani

Hawaiian Room Bearded Tiki Mug

Hawaiian Room Head Mug

Hawaiian Room Kon-Tiki Mug

Hawaiian Village Good Luck Tiki Mug

Hinano Tahiti Beer Mug

Hobbyist Duncan Broad Nose Moai Mug

Hobbyist Nubby Headdress Mug With Handle

Islander Coconut Mug

Islander Earring Head Mug

Islander Headhunter Mug

Islander Hula Girl Mug

Islander Kon-Tiki Mug Tall

Islander OMC Bug Eyed Moai

Islander Peanut Lined Face Black Mug

Islander Pineapple Mug

Islander Smiley Mug

Islander Three Face Bucket Standard Size

Jade East Buddha Mug

Johnson Products Bumatay Tiki Mug

Kahiki Hoffman Moai Mug

Kahiki Moai Salt & Pepper Shakers Light Green

Kahiki Skull Mug

Kahlua Hut Tiki Mug Green

Kon Tiki Lidded Coconut Condiment Bowl

Kon Tiki Ports Gaping Mouth Tiki Mug

Luau Hut Hula Girl Mug Green

Luau Hut Tiki Mug Brown

Luau Tiki Salt & Pepper Shakers

Mai Kai Rum Barrel

Mainlander Tiki Mug Small

Mark Thomas Outrigger Moai Green Mug

Mark Thomas' Outrigger Pineapple Mug

Maui Lu Daga Warrior Mug

Maui-Kauai Mug

Mr. Bali Hai Concave OMC Mug

Mr. Bali Hai Flat Bottom OMC Mug

Norcrest Skull Mug

OMC Fu Manchu Indented Sides

Orchids of Hawaii Ku Short Fogcutter

Orchids of Hawaii Leafy Hula Girl Mug

Orchids of Hawaii R-12

Orchids of Hawaii R-18 Japan

Orchids of Hawaii R-86 Taiwan

Orchids of Hawaii R-94

Orchids of Hawaii Skull Mug

Orchids of Hawaii Three Tiki Scorpion Bowl Matte With Glossy Tikis

Otagiri Kon Tiki Salt & Pepper Shakers

Paul Marshall Products Handled Triangle Tiki Mug

Paul Marshall Products Long Limb Tiki Mug

Paul Marshall Products Peanut Tiki Mug

Port Light Glass

Pub Tiki Painted Moai Mug

Showing 1-80 of 152 Vintage mugs
Page 1, 2

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