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Collection of KavikaTiki
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About KavikaTiki About This Collection
117 mugs
Member since Apr 21, 2012

From: The Pacific Shore
Interests: Family, Music, Libations, Photography, Percussion, 70's Horror Films, Tiki Culture and Big Waves.
Tiki Central Profile

Well made mugs are a reminder of life's fleeting visual (and liquid) moments. I learned to surf on Maui, near Puamana, on a break called "Shark Pit". A stream that meets the nearby shoreline, offering tasty runoff to the sea creatures, is how the break got its name. I was whistled out of the water once because of an approaching shark fin. That moment was quick but exciting and never forgotten.

"Aloha and cheers!"

117 mugs - 8 comments - 58 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 4 mugs for Trade
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Al Evans (7)
Alec Yuill-Thornton (1)
AtomicTonyTiki (1)
Bahooka (1)
Barrel (4)
Beachbumz (3)
Beachdude (2)
Benzart (1)
Bosko (4)
Castaway Ceramics (1)
Coconut (6)
Cursed Tikis (2)
custom (1)
Danny Gallardo (1)
Derek Yaniger (1)
Deville's Pad (1)
Dirk Vermin (1)
Disney (5)
Don The Beachcomber (6)
Drew Brophy (1)
Eekum Bookum (3)
Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland (2)
Eric October (1)
Frankie's Tiki Room (6)
Frankoma (1)
Gecko (9)
Gecko'z South Sea Arts (11)
Harvey's Lake Tahoe (1)
Hawaii Kai (2)
Hilo Hattie's (1)
Holden Westland (1)
Islander (1)
Jack Churchill (1)
Jimmy C (1)
Jody Daily (2)
John's Garden in Malibu (1)
Jonathan Chaffin (1)
Kavikatiki (1)
Ken Pleasant (1)
Kevin Kidney (1)
Kirby (1)
Kona Club (1)
La Mariana (4)
Limited (55)
Made in Hawaii (15)
Mai Kai (1)
Marcus Pizzuti (4)
Mark T. Zeilman (1)
MauiTiki (2)
Mulder142 (1)
Munktiki (16)
Oceanic Arts (1)
OMC (6)
One of a Kind (8)
Orchids of Hawaii (3)
Otto's Shrunken Head (1)
Paul Marshall (1)
Paul Nielsen (3)
Peanut Mug (2)
Philippe Tilikete (1)
pineapple (1)
Rick Rietveld (1)
Rob Hawes (2)
Rolly Crump (2)
Sam Gambino (1)
Scott Taylor (3)
Set (10)
SHAG (1)
Smuggler's Cove (2)
Squid (18)
Squindo (1)
Steve Pang (1)
Stuckie (2)
Taboo Island (1)
Tank Standing Buffalo (1)
The Alibi (1)
The Pizz (3)
The Witch Doctor (2)
THOR (5)
Tiki Bob (3)
Tiki Bob's San Francisco (1)
Tiki Diablo (2)
Tiki Farm (44)
Tobunga (1)
Tommy Bahama (8)
Tonga Hut (2)
Trader Dick's (1)
Trader Sam's (3)
Trader Vic's (6)
USC (2)
vintage (14)
witco (1)
Zombie (3)

Super Limited Severed Magno Cyborg Zombie Alien Head Red & Green

Ali'i Palm Guanko Custom

Art the Beachcomber Mug Brown

Big Toe Mug Artist Proof

Buk Um Dano

Carson Tiki Mug Custom

Crazy Al Lucky Tiki Mug Artist Proof

Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki Open Edition

Da King

De Moai

Deadhead Rum Tsantsa Bottle Large

Deville's Pad Devil Girl Mug

Disneyland Pele Tiki Mug Brown

Disneyland Teeny Tiki Teal Mug

Don the Beachcomber Modern Coconut Mug

Don the Beachcomber Mug Modern Long Neck Green

Don the Beachcomber Rum Keg

Don the Beachcomber Rum Keg Artist Proof

Drum of the Forefathers

Dynasty Mai Kai Tiki Mug

Frankie's Tiki Room 5th Anniversary Mug Sandstone

Frankie's Tiki Room Bearded Clam Mug White

Frankie's Tiki Room Bombora's Blast Mug

Frankie's Tiki Room Malekula II Mug in Black & Blue

Frankie's Tiki Room Thurston Howl Mug

Frankie's Tiki Room Tiki Bandit Mug

Frankoma T-7 Coconut Mug Desert Gold

Giant Ku Mug Golden Brown

God of Fortune Tiki Mug

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Bucket Mug

Hawaii Aloha Glass Float Mug Green

Hawaii Kai Hula Girl with Tiki Mask Mug

Hawaii Kai Moai Mug

High Octane

Ho-Waiian Don

Islander Kon-Tiki Mug Tall

Jivaro Shrunken Head

John's Garden Tiki Mug Blue

Johnny Ku Limited Edition

Ka'oha Collectors Series

Kai Ku Diver Mug Tan

Kai-Kanak White & Red

Kaikaina Tiki Mug Custom

Kona Club Custom Mug Hand Painted


Ku Ku Kachoo Retirement Edition

La Mariana Big Toe Tiki Mug Fat Lava


La Mariana Cannibal Totem Artist's Proof


La Mariana Sharp-Toothed Ku Mug Limited Edition

La Mariana Tiki Mug Artist Proof


Lipps Green

Marqo Pollo

Marquesan Drinking Vessel in Fern Wood Green

Merv Decanter

Midnight Rise of the Tikis


Modern Bob Blue


Monster Marq Beige and Brown Satin

Munktiki Coconut Monkey

Munktiki Moai Tall

Nukumanu in Matte Brown

Orchids of Hawaii R-13A

Orchids of Hawaii R-15 Yellow Pineapple Mug

Orchids of Hawaii R-82 Japan

Otto's Shrunken Head Mug Green

Outré Moai


Paul Marshall Products Peanut Tiki Mug

Peanut Tiki Mug Red

Pele Head Mug Limited Edition

Portable Beverage Device Super Limited

Rufus Mug

Rum Tosser's Happy Hour Da Kanta Decanter

Rum Tosser's Happy Hour Rum Tosser Mug

Sepik River Abelam Mask Artist Proof

Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Light Brown

South Sea Arts Triple Header

Spirit Hut Mug

Showing 1-80 of 117 mugs
Page 1, 2

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