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About Da Kine About This Collection
121 mugs
Member since Oct 1, 2012

From: Round Rock, Texas
Interests: History, Overland Travel, Architecture

My interest Started when I was a kid and my parents would take me to Bali Hai in Lynnfield for special occasions. Currently I collect mostly vintage with a concentration on Trader Vic's stuff. I am not opposed to contemporary but it needs to have a memory or story behind it...or just be a cheap find in the wild. I always welcome offers to trade as it is hard to find stuff here in Central Texas

121 mugs - 4 comments - 104 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 10 mugs for Trade
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Adrift (1)
Bali Hai (6)
Barrel (2)
Beachbum Berry (1)
Bowl (15)
Bucket (1)
Coconut (3)
Emeril (1)
fish (1)
Fog Cutter (4)
Frankie's Tiki Room (1)
Fugu (1)
Glass (18)
Goof (1)
Hawaii Kai (1)
Hawaiian Inn (1)
Hawaiian Village Tampa (6)
Head (3)
Home Made (1)
Huki Lau (1)
Hula (2)
Indiana Jones (2)
Jock Lindsey's (2)
Kon Tiki (1)
Kona Kai (1)
LA (1)
Lei Low (1)
Libbey (1)
Mai Tai (1)
Mai Tai Bar (1)
Mask (1)
Menehune (1)
Moai (7)
munktiki (1)
OMC (1)
OverProof (4)
Pineapple (1)
Rabbit (1)
Serverware (1)
Shag (2)
Shell (1)
Skull (1)
Tchoup Chop (1)
Texas (3)
Three Dots and a Dash (1)
Tiki Farm (18)
Tiki Kon (1)
Tiki Oasis (1)
Tommy Bahamas (1)
Trade Winds (1)
Trader Sam's (6)
Trader Vic (51)
Trader Vic's (51)
Van Tiki (4)
Volcano (4)
Woman (3)

Kukona in Cobalt Blue


Port Light Glass

Starboard Light Glass

1 comment

Suffering Bastard Reproduction Blue For Trader Vic's Bellevue

Tangaroa in Brown

Ten Pin Pilsner Glass

Trader Vic's 2013 Moai Bowl

Trader Vic's 70th Anniversary Mug

Trader Vic's 80th Anniversary Double Old Fashioned Glass

Trader Vic's Apertif Tiki Stemware

Trader Vic's Atlanta 40th Anniversary Mai Tai Glass

Da Kine
hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Trader Vic's Atlanta Maori Mug Brown

Trader Vic's Bowl

Trader Vic's Butterfly Condiment Dish

Trader Vic's Champagne Tiki Stemware

Trader Vic's Chicago Moai Mug Green

Trader Vic's Coffee Grog Mug Short Headdress

Trader Vic's Coffee Grog Mug Tall Headdress Gray

Trader Vic's Conch Shell Bowl

Trader Vic's Dallas Star Glass

Trader Vic's Fine Old Rum Barrel Bisque

Trader Vic's Fog Cutter Sand

Trader Vic's Fog Cutter Speckled

Trader Vic's Fog Cutter White With Brown Rim

Trader Vic's Half Shot Glass Green

Trader Vic's Half Shot Glass Green

Trader Vic's Honi Honi Vintage

Trader Vic's Hot Buttered Rum Glass White

Trader Vic's Hot Rum Batter Barrel

Trader Vic's Kneeling Hula Girl Bowl Large Modern Made In Mexico

Trader Vic's Kneeling Hula Girl Bowl Small

Trader Vic's Lady Cocktail Glass

Trader Vic's Las Vegas Grand Opening Aloha Coconut

Trader Vic's Las Vegas Wahine Rum Barrel

Trader Vic's Los Angeles Tiki Mug Brown

Trader Vic's Mai Tai Glass

Trader Vic's Martini Tiki Stemware

Trader Vic's Menehune Bowl Brown

Trader Vic's Nautilus Shell Bowl

Trader Vic's Pig Mug

Trader Vic's Pirate Head Mug

Trader Vic's Pointed Jaw Skull Mug

Trader Vic's Portland Second Tiki Mug Limited Edition

Trader Vic's Rabbits & Doves Bowl Blue

Trader Vic's Round Jaw Skull Mug White

Trader Vic's Seahorse Blue

Trader Vic's Trolley Car Mug

Trader Vic's Valentine's Day 2009 Hiball

Trader Vic's Waikiki Double Old Fashioned Glass With Sitting Beach Bum Watching Wahine

Trader Vic's Waikiki Double Old Fashioned Glass With Wahine In Barrel

Showing 1-51 of 51 Trader Vic mugs
Page 1

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