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Collection of Silly Idol
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About Silly Idol About This Collection
315 mugs
Member since Oct 4, 2012

From: New Orleans, LA
Interests: Tikis, comics, aquaria, gardening, furniture design, guitars
Tiki Central Profile

We started our collection very slowly by picking up random tiki mugs, statues and masks at antique stores, thrift shops and flea markets.

315 mugs - 1 comment - 11 mugs on Wish List - 0 mugs for Sale - 16 mugs for Trade
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A-la Benihana (40)
Belize (1)
Dish (1)
No template (29)
wooden (4)

Accoutrements Artie Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Big Al Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Jake Tiki Mug

Accoutrements Lenny Tiki Mug

Ah'So Geisha Mug

Aku Aku Ku Tiki Mug

Al Harrington Ku Handled Mug Yellow

Aloha Hawaii Script Pineapple Salt & Pepper Shakers

American Hawaii Cruises Hula Dancer

Angst Tiki Tan

APE Fez Wearing Monkey Production Mug

Aqua Tiki Brown

Armored Samurai

Art the Beachcomber Mug Brown

Bali Ha'i Tiki Bob

Beachcombers Salt & Pepper Shakers Blue

Benihana Chef Mug

Benihana Daruma Mug

Benihana Daruma Mug

Benihana Dragon Mug

Benihana Fukurokuju

Benihana Geisha Bust

Benihana Geisha Printed Logo

Benihana Kendo Mug

Benihana Ninja Mug

Benihana Rural Girl Mug

Benihana Rural Girl Mug

Benihana Rural Girl Mug

Benihana Rural Girl Mug

Benihana Safflower Vase

Benihana Samurai

Benihana Sitting Buddha

Benihana Sumo

Benihana Tall Robed Fukurokuju Mug

Big Lots Two Tiki Mug Green

Buk Um Dano

CB2 Tai Tall Cocktail Glass

CB2 Tiki Stacking Glass

CB2 Tiki Stacking Glass

CB2 Tiki Stacking Glass

Clay Art Kona Kai Mug Magenta

Clay Art Maori Lined Face Mug Green

Clay Art Peanut Mug Orange

Clay Art Smiling Big Nose Tiki Mug Brown

Coco Bongos Green Jester Mug

Coco Bongos Green Jester Mug

Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki Open Edition

Crossed Arms Tiki Mug Bisque Textured

Damon's Steakhouse 70th Anniversary Mug Brown


Dinits Realty of Maui Maluhia Tiki Mug Bluish Green

Disneyland Chanting Tiki Pineapple Juice Sipper

Disneyland Pele Tiki Mug Brown

Disneyland Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Mug 50th Anniversary Edition

Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room Bowl from Dole Stand

Don Ho Suck Em Up Loball

Dynasty Big Volcano With Center

Dynasty Bikini Girl Mug

Dynasty Bora Mug Brown

Dynasty China Boy

Dynasty China Girl

Dynasty Easter Islander

Dynasty Geisha

Dynasty Geisha

Dynasty Green Tiki Mug

Dynasty Hotei

Dynasty Ku

Dynasty Large Leaf Bamboo Mug

Dynasty Mermaid Mug Blue

Dynasty Mermaid Mug Blue

Dynasty Monkey Hear Mug

Dynasty Monkey Say Mug

Dynasty Monkey See Mug

Dynasty Ninja

Dynasty Parasol Girl

Dynasty Samurai

Dynasty Suffering Bastard Mug

Dynasty Sumo

Dynasty Three Tiki Scorpion Bowl

Dynasty Warrior Mug Brown

Showing 1-80 of 315 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4

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