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Collection of celery
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About celery About This Collection
342 mugs
Member since Oct 15, 2012

From: Flintham, United Kingdom
Interests: lepidoptera, cricket, digital art, mii-making, cocktails and... all things tiki

I'm in the U.K where tiki mugs are somewhat rarer than hen's teeth. Hence this collection is rather thin on both vintage and modern-era American stuff - it's mostly British made mugs by the likes of CheekyTiki and Fireworks Studio. But rather than bemoaning my luck I thought I'd tell you a little bit about English drinking culture and ceramics making instead.

The traditionally-preferred spirit of the aristocracy and the working class woman is, of course, gin. However, only a pleb would be seen drinking it from a glass... we like to imbibe our booze from gaudily-patterned bone china teacups. Left hand holding the saucer, right hand delicately fingering the handle. Bring to lips: small sips, frequent refills.

Also we do have a unique item, kinda like the British version of the tiki mug - the 'celery pot'. These are large vases or earthenware pots with stylised 'faces' impressed into the clay and then painted. In fact, the wider field of 'face pots' is quite a common collectible over here - with receptacles made for everything from tartare sauce to pickled onions. You can see a few pictures of some items like these in my flickr photostream.

Finally, if anyone is interested and finding it hard to get a source for UK mugs then I'd be happy to indulge in a bit of trans-Atlantic trading...


342 mugs - 8 comments - 5 mugs on Wish List
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Dynasty Parasol Girl

Dynasty Pineapple Mug

Dynasty Three Face Bucket Mug

Dynasty Warrior Mug Green

Ernest Hemingway Tribute Mug in Petrol Blue

Fireworks Studio Coconut Sharer Bowl

Fireworks Studio Coconut Shot

Fireworks Studio Frankenstein's Monster Mug

Fireworks Studio Frankenstein's Monster Shot

Fireworks Studio Moai Large

Fireworks Studio Moai Shot

Fireworks Studio Moai Small

Fireworks Studio Monkey Head Bottle

Fireworks Studio Red Devil Head Mug

Fireworks Studio Rum Barrel Shot Mug

Fireworks Studio Screaming Tiki Head Mug

Fireworks Studio Severed Head Tribute Mug

Fireworks Studio Shrunken Head Bottle

Fireworks Studio Shrunken Head Shot

Fireworks Studio Skull & Crossbones Mug

Fireworks Studio Skull & Crossbones Shot Mug

Fireworks Studio Skull Bottle

Fireworks Studio Sugar Skull Mug

Fireworks Studio Sugar Skull Shot

Fireworks Studio Sugar Skull with Sombrero

Fisherman's Wharf Mermaid Mug Blue

Flame Man Chu

Frank's Stein Gray with Lime Green Interior

Fugu Red

Glass Two-Faced Tiki Short Clear


Handled Parksmith Fertility Goddess

Hands Clasped Tiki Brown

Hands Clasped Tiki Tan

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Bucket Mug with Script Font

Hawaii Blue Hula Girl Mug

Hawaii Kai Peanut Lined Face OMC Mug

Hawaiian Inn Tiki Leilani

Hawaiian Inn Tiki Leilani


Hobbyist PMP Style Peanut Tiki Mug

Hobbyist PMP Style Peanut Tiki Mug

Hobbyist PMP Style Peanut Tiki Mug

Holua Lua

Homemade Duncan Tikis & Palm Leaf Ashtray

Hope Tiki Mug

Hot Head Mug

Hua Kai'I

Hull Pottery Souvenir Conch Shell Salt & Pepper Shakers

Jekyll & Hyde Club Warrior Mug Brown

John's Garden Tiki Mug Blue

John's Garden Tiki Mug Orange Reproduction

Kalifornia Ku Brown

Kanaloa Tiki Mug

Kanaloa Tiki Mug

Karo Batak

KC Co Happy Tiki for Tahiti Joe's

KC Co Lucky Tiki

KC Co Lucky Tiki God Mug

KC Hawaii Lucky Tiki Mug

Kon Tiki Sheraton Waikiki Gaping Mouth Tiki Mug

Kon-Tiki Ports Salt & Pepper Shakers

Kona Kai Blue Velvet

Kumu Tiki Mug Black

Kuna Loa

Kung Fu Tiki Salt & Pepper Shakers Green

Kuo Wah Jurojin Fogcutter

Lenny Tiki Mug Reproduction White for Malibu Rum

Leno Mug Reproduction Green

Libbey Bamboo Mug Blue

Libbey Jagged Teeth Mug Brown

Libbey Moai Blue

Libbey Moai Brown

Lil' Waha Nui Earthen Green

Lil' Waha Nui Reproduction Green

Local Boy Brown

Lola Lo Daddy Digga Digga Doo Bowl

Lola Lo Daddy Zombie

Lola Lo Digga Digga Doo

Lola Lo Easter Island Surprize Bowl

Showing 81-160 of 342 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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