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Collection of beachbumz
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About beachbumz About This Collection
261 mugs
Member since Jan 9, 2008

From: Maui, Hawaii
Interests: Collecting Tiki, Making Tiki Mugs, Carving Tiki's, Surfing with My Boys And Enjoying Life!
Website - Tiki Central Profile

Aloha, I started collecting tiki when I got my first mug back in the early 90's here on Maui, a Maui Lu Luau mug that I treasure to this day. In 1999 I opened up a small shop here on Maui called Beach Bumz selling all kinds of Hawaiiana, Hula and vintage kine products and a few tiki mugs too. In 2000 I came across Tiki Farm and knew I had to start selling these cool mugs. I like to collect vintage mugs but lately I collect more of the mugs from newer artists. Hopefully someday I'll have my own Tiki Room to display them all the way they were meant to be.

If your planning a trip to Maui come on by our little tiki shop, were located on the south shore of Maui at the Kihei Kalama Village marketplace across from the ocean. We have an assortment of tiki mugs from Tiki Farm, Gecko'z South Sea Arts, MauiTiki, KC Company, my own Beachbumz designs and a few others at times.. Discounts given to all Oooga-mooga and Tiki Central members at the shop so make sure you say aloha..

A Hui Hou!

Follow me on Instagram, "Tikipop" to see all the newest designs in the works..

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Aku Aku Ku Tiki Mug

Ali'i Palm Guanko in Bone

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Ali'i Palm Guanko in Green/Brown

Aloha Hut Tiki Mug Green

Appleton Estate 2008 Ku Mug

Appleton Estate 2011 Captain Seamus Tiki Mug

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Aqua Tiki In Two-Tone

Augie Colon Tiki Mug Custom

Bamboo of China Ku Mug

Basement's Bora Boiler Brown

Beachbumz Little Big Shot

1 comment

Beachbumz Little Big Shot

Beauce Moai Mug Lookalike Brown

Big Toe Mug Custom

Blue Max Club Bamboo Mug

Bob Lee's Islander Peanut Lined Face Mug

Bruddah Opihi

1 comment

Carson Tiki Mug

Carson Tiki Mug Custom

Cheeseburger in Paradise Maui Tiki Mug

Chin Tiki Mug

1 comment

Colored Sugar Skull Mug with Lid


Crazy Al Tiki # 13 Mug Brown

Crazy Al Tiki #2 Mug Brown

Daga Eyeless Ku Mug

Daga Sun Mug

Daga Surfer Mug Brown

Don Ho Tiki Farm Mug

Double Headed Marquesan Red Clay

Drei Moai Mug Green

Drei Moai Scorpion Bowl



Fisherman's Wharf Mermaid Mug Blue

Forbidden Island Tiki Crate Mug Artist Proof

Fourtune Fire Bowl

Fourtune Fire Bowl

Frankie's Tiki Room 3rd Anniversary Mug

Frankie's Tiki Room Bearded Clam Mug Brown

Frankie's Tiki Room Bombora's Blast Mug

Frankie's Tiki Room Kahiki Kai Mug Green

Fully Glazed Fierce Tiki Mug

Gecko'z Solomon Island Canoe Prow Mug

General Ra Ra Version 2.0


Goon Brown

Goon Green

Greetings From Ku

Grog Brown

Grog Green

GROG Hobbyist Broad Nose Moai Mug with Headpiece


GROG Tiki Bob Shot

Gulp Brown


Hana Hou Room Tonga Mug Brown

Hang Tiki Full Body Mug in Seafaring Blue

Hawaii 50th Anniversary Mug

Hawaii Aloha Glass Float Mug Yellow

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Hawaii Aloha Glass Float Mug Yellow

Hawaii Kai Crossed Arms Tiki Mug

1 comment

Hawaii Kai Hula Girl with Flowers Mug

Hawaii Kai Moai Mug

Hawaii Kai Tall Lucky Tiki Mug

Hawaii Kai Wahine In the Tiki Mug


Hawaiian Inn Handled Intense Tiki Mug Green

Hawaiian Inn Paddle Licker Green

Hawaiian Inn Tiki Leilani

Hibiscus Head

Hobbyist Duncan Broad Nose Moai Mug

1 comment

Hobbyist Duncan Broad Nose Moai Mug

Hobbyist Duncan Broad Nose Moai Mug

Hobbyist Duncan Broad Nose Moai Mug

Hobbyist Norcrest Skull Mug

Homemade Duncan Tikis & Palm Leaf Ashtray

Honolulu White Tiki Mug

Hope Tiki Mug

Huki Lau Club Wielding Tiki

Hukilau 2013 Mug in Redwood Ember

Ikani Mug

1 comment

Islander Peanut Lined Face Black Mug


Showing 1-80 of 261 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4

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