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Collection of Mike the Headhunter
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About Mike the Headhunter About This Collection
76 mugs
Member since Aug 20, 2005

Interests: Alcohol, tiki, pottery, fly-fishing, and wanderlust
Tiki Central Profile

This collection is always in rotation except for my skull/head collection which i am finally settling down to keep and make my everyday usage ware. I get stuff usually to trade and make deals with or resell on ebay as investments(lol!). If you see something i have you would like to get except my skulls and heads usually i am in trader mode and might be up for a deal, best wishes and boat drinks.

76 mugs - 5 comments - 21 mugs on Wish List - 4 mugs for Sale - 17 mugs for Trade
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Hartcrest Company Bug Eyed Moai

Showing 1-1 of 1 My Wild Finds mugs
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