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Collection of I dream of tiki
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About I dream of tiki About This Collection
74 mugs
Member since Aug 30, 2005

From: 2002
Interests: foreign cultures, food & drink, outdoorsy stuff
Tiki Central Profile

My collections stared in 2002, almost a whole year after I discovered "The Book of Tiki."

I've ceased purchasing mugs unless I find them "in the wild" at a great deal or a good friend of mine designed the mug.

74 mugs - 0 comments - 0 mugs on Wish List - 46 mugs for Sale - 0 mugs for Trade
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Showing 1-74 of 74 mugs
Page 1
Tiki Farm (1)
Aloha Hut (1)
Big Lots (1)
Chiki Tiki (3)
Dave Wolfe (1)
Gecko (1)
Hukilau (7)
Hukilau Munktiki (1)
Ku (1)
lamp (1)
Mai Kai (4)
Mara Amu (2)
modern (1)
Munktiki (1)
Orchids of Hawaii (5)
Otagiri (3)
PMP (1)
Pop Tiki (1)
reproduction (1)
shot (1)
Tiki Farm (13)
Trader Vic (3)
W-1 (1)
Westwood (12)
zombieglass (1)

Aloha Hut Tiki Mug Green

Basement's Bora Boiler Brown

Big Lots Two Tiki Mug Blue

Emeril Lagasse Tchoup Chop Health Tiki Mug Brown

Flame Man Chu

Giant Ku Mug Golden Brown

Glass Two-Faced Tiki Short Clear

Grog Green

Hale Tiki Blue Mug

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Bucket Mug with Script Font

Hobbyist Westwood W-11 Mug

Hukilau 2005 Collins Glass

Hukilau 2005 Double Old Fashioned Glass

Hukilau 2005 Home Bar Tour Pint Glass

Hukilau 2006 Double Old Fashioned Glass

Hukilau 2007 Mug

Hukilau 2008 Hiball

Hukilau 2008 Tiki Mug

I Dream of Tiki Mug Blue and Brown

Kalifornia Ku Brown

KC Co Lucky Tiki

KC Co Winner Tiki

Kon-Tiki Mug Tall

Li'ili'i Hukohe Mug

I dream of tiki
hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Mad Marq Mystic Blue/Brown

Mai Kai Angst Tiki Yellow

Mai Kai Big Belly Tiki Green

Mai Kai Morning After Tiki Blue/Green

I dream of tiki
hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Mai Kai Mystery Bowl Dynasty Brown and White

Mai Kai X Eyes Brown Tiki Mug

Mai Kai X Eyes Cobalt Blue Tiki Mug

Mai Kai X Eyes Hukilau 2003 Tiki Mug

Malicious Brown

Mondo Maori Tiki Mug Brown

Monster Marq Green

Morning After Shot Green

Orchids of Hawaii R-1 Japan Brown

Orchids of Hawaii R-12

Orchids of Hawaii R-5 Green

Orchids of Hawaii R-71 Open Mouth

Orchids of Hawaii R-74

Orchids of Hawaii R-82 Japan

Paul Marshall Products Handled Triangle Tiki Mug

Paul Marshall Products Peanut Tiki Mug


Shonfeld's Marquesan Tiki Mug Brown

Shonfeld's Moai

Shonfeld's Rarotongan Tiki Mug

Short Four Face Tiki Bowl

Smiling Big Nose Tiki Mug Green

Tiki Farm Blue Marquesan

Tiki Farm Green Rarotongan

Tiki Farm Hawaiian Lono

Tiki Farm Mai Kai Rum Barrel

Tiki Farm Skull Mug

Tiki Leilani Mug

Trader Vic's Fine Old Rum Barrel Bisque

Trader Vic's Plain Coconut

Trader Vic's Round Jaw Skull Mug White

Trader Vic's Suffering Bastard Reproduction Green Stone

Vicious Light Brown

Westwood W-1 Mug

Westwood W-1 Oil Lamp

Westwood W-1 Shot

Westwood W-10 Mug

Westwood W-12 Mug Brown

Westwood W-2 Mug

Westwood W-2 Shot

Westwood W-3 Mug

Westwood W-3 Shot

Westwood W-4 Mug

Westwood W-4 Shot

Westwood W-9 Mug

X Eyes Cobalt Blue Tiki Mug

Showing 1-74 of 74 mugs
Page 1

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