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About Hearn About This Collection
162 mugs
Member since Jul 10, 2008

From: Arlington, VA
Interests: Architecture, Baseball, Pink Floyd
Tiki Central Profile

Started in 1999, upon my first visit to the Tonga Room in SF.

162 mugs - 1 comment - 42 mugs on Wish List
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Bought in Oahu (1)
Exclusively for Skipper Kent's (1)
Hukilau 2008 (1)
Munktiki Boat Monkey (1)
Munktiki Stinkfish (1)
Purchased at Turtle Bay Luau at Honeymoon (1)
Steve Crane's Ku Mug (1)
The Ghastly Ones Gravekeeper (1)
Tiki Farm Drew Brophy Shell Head (1)
Tikifarm's Captain Hold Fast (1)
Toby Pirate Mug (1)
Toby Style Pirate Head Mug (1)
Trader Dick's Surfer Girl (1)
Zombie Village Earring Head Mug (1)

Orchids of Hawaii Mermaid Mug Blue

Orchids of Hawaii R-18 Japan

Orchids of Hawaii R-73A

Orchids of Hawaii R-76 Brown Japan

Orchids of Hawaii R-79

Orchids of Hawaii R-80A Japan

Otagiri Hula Girl Bowl Small


Parrot Mug Red

Paul Marshall Products Long Limb Tiki Mug

Peanut Lined Face OMC Mug

Pink Panther 40th Anniversary Tiki Mug #2

Porcelanas Pavon Bali-Hai

Porcelanas Pavón Lamour Bowl

Porcelanas Pavon Taringa

Purple Orchid Rarotongan Green

Raro Tongo Blue Brown


Shell Head Blue

Skipper Kent's Small Outrigger Bowl

Skull Monkey

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Cream

Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Ltd

Sophistico Green

Spirit of Hawaii Mug by Hana Isle

Sqrewed-Up Squll

hasn't uploaded a picture of this item yet.

Steve Crane Bird Bowl

Steve Crane Ku Mug

Steve Crane Tongue Tiki Mug

Stink Fish

Suffering Bastard

Sven-Tiki Mug Dark Brown

Showing 97-128 of 162 mugs
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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