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About eab21 About This Collection
2880 mugs
Member since Jul 18, 2008

From: Central N.Y.
Interests: Tiki, photography, brewpubs, travel, maneki neko, snow globes, cover songs, BBQ, etc.
Tiki Central Profile

It feels like collecting tiki was inevitable for me - I've long been interested in both 20th c. design and kitch, and tiki often lives where those two meet.

My early interest was in historical mugs. As I learned more about tiki culture from books and online (I live in the middle of New York state - about four hours from the closest tiki bar), I discovered modern tiki mugs. And, through collecting tiki, I've met some very cool people.

Someday I'll build my own home tiki oasis ...


A word on trades: I love trading mugs; if you have a mug for trade that's not in my collection, I probably want it - just drop me a PM.

2880 mugs - 128 comments - 186 mugs on Wish List - 105 mugs for Sale - 110 mugs for Trade
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'Ona Tiki (7)
Aku Aku (4)
Appleton Estate Rum (8)
Artifact Pottery (7)
Ashtrays (10)
AtomicTonyTiki (6)
Babalu (11)
Bahooka (3)
Bai (16)
Bamboo (42)
Beachbumz (7)
Benzart (8)
Big Toe (2)
Boo-Tiki (1)
Bosko (85)
Bowana (13)
Bucket mugs (29)
Careless Navigator (3)
Carolyn Kopecky (12)
CheekyTiki (20)
Coconuts (109)
Crazy Al (43)
Cursed Tikis (12)
Derek Yaniger (25)
Disney (31)
Donella Vitale (5)
Doug DoRr (1)
Doug Horne (31)
Drew Brophy (13)
Eekum Bookum (37)
Eyes (13)
Fezzes (16)
Fireworks Studio (3)
FLAP (3)
Flounder (18)
Forbidden Island (1)
Frankie's Tiki Room (25)
Frankoma (15)
Gecko (73)
Glass floats (7)
Glassware (25)
GoTiki (19)
GROG (32)
Holden Westland (14)
Hot Rod Hula Hop (7)
Hukilau (6)
Jerk Kustoms (17)
Jimmy C (8)
Jody Daily (17)
Joe Vitale (19)
Johnnie Velour (2)
Jungle Trader (6)
Ken Ruzic (6)
Kevin Kidney (21)
Kirby (9)
Kon Tiki Tucson (6)
Kowloon (13)
Luau at the Lake (10)
Luau Hut (5)
Mahalo Tiki (6)
Mai Kai (12)
Mandalay Bay (9)
Marcus Pizzuti (17)
MauiTiki (10)
Michael Shigeru Sbicca (3)
Moai mugs (197)
Moais (94)
MP (11)
Mr. G (8)
Mulder 142 (3)
Mulder142 (22)
Munktiki (408)
Notch (15)
Ocea Otica (12)
Pineapples (17)
PopTiki (51)
Porcelanas Pavon (7)
Rain (1)
Rum barrels (23)
Rum Demon (20)
S&P mugs (2)
S&P sets (96)
Sam Gambino (19)
Scallywag Ceramics (7)
Scott Taylor (1)
Severed heads (3)
SHAG (69)
Shots (302)
Shrunken heads (38)
Skulls (95)
Smuggler's Cove (8)
Sven Kirsten (6)
Swizzle (2)
Taboo Island (32)
Teacups (2)
The Pizz (29)
Three Dots and a Dash (4)
Tiki Bobs (89)
Tiki Caliente (8)
Tiki Diablo (48)
Tiki Kaimuki (14)
Tiki King (5)
Tiki Oasis (20)
Tiki Shark (13)
Tiki Ti (4)
Tiki Tony (29)
Tiki's Grill & Bar (12)
Tikitronic (2)
Tikiyaki Orchestra (5)
Tobunga (11)
Tommy Bahama (9)
Tonga Hut (13)
Tonga Room (5)
Trader Dick's (12)
Trader Vic's (57)
Treasure Craft (11)
Unholy Rabble (8)
VanTiki (1)
Viva Las Vegas (9)
Volcanos (9)
Von Franco (15)
Wayne Hoareau (8)
Wendy Cevola (31)
Westwood (22)
Wild Thing Creations (12)

Ali'i Tiki Artist's Proof Edition

Atariki Moai Mug AP

1 comment

Augie Colon Tiki Mug in White Bone

1 comment

Bamboo Bob

Basement's Bora Boiler Brown

Big Toe Mug Green

Big Toe Mug Limited

Crocodile Handled Papua New Guinea Drum Mug

Da Bloody Maori

Double Headed Marquesan Blue

Double Headed Marquesan Brown

Ge-Ku Brown

Gecko Bloody Black Moai Mug

Gecko Da Big Puka Mug Yellow

Gecko Exotica Mug Brown

Gecko Handled Tangaroa Tiki Mug Black/Red

1 comment

Gecko Kapu Krate

Gecko Moai Bloody Gray

1 comment

Gecko Moai Taboo Island Edition

Gecko Seahorse Black/Red

Gecko Seahorse Blue

Gecko Shot

Gecko Shot

Gecko Shot

Gecko Tangaroa

Gecko Tangaroa Limited Edition

Gecko Tiki-Stemmed Martini Glass

1 comment

Gecko'z Ku Handled Mug Black/Red for La Mariana

Geckoma Brown

Hawaii Aloha Glass Float Mug Green

Hawaii Aloha Glass Float Mug Yellow

Hawaiian Ku Black

Hawaiian Ku Brown

Hawaiian Style Scorpion Bowl Yellow

House of Ku'z Coco Joe's Tiki Mug Blue

House of Ku'z Coco Joe's Tiki Mug Green

House of Ku'z Coco Joe's Tiki Mug Test Glaze

Kainoa Village Mug

Kona Kai

Kona Kai Shot Mug

Ku Ku Kachoo La Mariana Edition

1 comment

Ku Ku Kachoo Papaya & Red Dirt Glaze

Ku Ku Kachoo Retirement Edition

La Mariana Big Toe Tiki Mug

La Mariana Kava Kava Bowl Brown

La Mariana Kava Kava Bowl Teal

La Mariana Sharp-Toothed Ku Mug Brown

La Mariana Sharp-Toothed Ku Mug Limited Edition

La Mariana Tiki Mug Artist Proof

Lava Bob Mug

LavaTay Mug

Lono Tiki Mug

Maori Head

Milan Guanko's Kona Gold Mug Bloody

Milan Guanko's Kona Gold Mug Limited

Milan Guanko's Kona Gold Shot Mug

Moai Tangata Manu Custom

Moai Tangata Manu Stone

Mouth of Pele Brown

Mouth of Pele Ohana Edition

1 comment

Mt. Bumatay

Okolemaluna Glass Float Mug

Papua New Guinea Drum Mug Brown with Cold Paint Detail

Papua New Guinea Drum Mug in South Sea Blue

1 comment

Pineapple Po'o

Skrim Shaw Mug Brown

Waka Taua

War God Bank Blue

War God Bank Hand-Painted

War God Bank Hand-Painted

War God Bank Red

War God Red

War God White Crackle

Showing 1-73 of 73 Gecko mugs
Page 1

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