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Items Manufactured by Munktiki

Production years: 2000 - ?
Munktiki's website
Owned by Paul Nielsen and his son, Miles "Stuckie" Nielsen, Munktiki started in 2000. Paul and Stuckie are both lifelong ceramicists. Munktiki is based out of Portland, Oregon, and give tours of their facilities upon request.

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Professor Rumba Cup

Puffer Fish Stacker

Pygmy Tree Dwellers

Queen's Barrel Mug Regular Edition

Queen's Barrel Mug Special Edition

Randall the Bear Mug

Randall the Bear Mug Black Friday Edition

Reaper Mug

Rearrangeable Tiki Kona

Rearrangeable Tiki Moai

Ripples Blue

Ripples Green

Robot Brains

Roecello Black

Roecello White

Rongo Rongo


Rum Wreck Barrel

Rum Wreck Barrel Black Friday Edition


Ruzgar Super LTD

Scootiki Lono Lanby Tiki Mug Limited Edition

Scootiki Lono Lanby Tiki Mug Super Limited Edition


Sea Turtle Stacker Set


Severed Magno Zombie Head Brown

Severed Magno Zombie Head Green

Severed Zombie Hand

Shag Outré Mug Black

Shag Outré Mug White

She Skull

She Skull Glow

She Skull Gold



Shin Pai Saru Ltd

Shin Pai Saru Super Ltd

Shishi Ceramic Sculpture

Shrunken Fugu Limited Edition

Shrunken Head Stacker

Shrunken Head Volcano Bowl

Shrunken Munk-E

Siamese Skull Limited Edition

Siamese Skull Super Limited Edition


Simian Brown

Simian Green

Simian Sanctus Sciphus

Singa Beige

Singa Blue

Singa Brown

Singa Glow Style

Singa Green

Singa in Chameleon Glaze

Singa Purple

Singa Red

Sir Squigley

Skragle Mugstack Mug

Skull & Ribs Mug Limited Edition

Skull by Stuckie Black

Skull by Stuckie Blue

Skull by Stuckie Green

Skull by Stuckie Orange

Skull by Stuckie Pink

Skull by Stuckie Purple

Skull by Stuckie Red

Skull by Stuckie Yellow

Skull Fink Neko LTD

Skull Fink Neko Super LTD

Skull Monkey

Skull N Bones Bottle

Skull Wolfman


Page 123456, 7, 8910


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