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Items Manufactured by Tiki Objects by Bosko

Tiki Objects by Bosko
Production years: 1992 - ?
Tiki Objects by Bosko's website
Tiki Objects by Bosko is owned by tiki artist and carver Bosko, and is centered out of the San Diego, California area.

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Akua Ka'ii

Akua Lapu

Astro New Britain


Aumakua 13 in Obsidian & Green

Aumakua Red

Beachbum Berry Mug

Birthday Moai



Boblet Artist Proof

Bosko Bug Eye Tiki Mug

Bosko Bug Eye Tiki Mug Artist Proof

Bosko Bug Eye Tiki Mug Avocado/Turquoise

Bosko Ku

Bosko Lava Moai Bowl

Bosko Maori Mug

Bosko Maori Mug 2012

Bosko Maori Mug 2012 Artist Proof

Bosko Marquesan Tiki Mug

Bosko Moai #3

Bosko Moai Bowl

Bosko Moai Pitcher

Bosko Nu-Ku Artist Proof

Bosko Nu-Ku Brown

Bosko Nu-Ku Firecracker Red

Bosko Nu-Ku Green

Bosko Sepik River Vase

Bosko Skull Mug Amber Artist Proof

Bosko Skull Mug Bone

Bosko Skull Mug Jungle Green Artist Proof

Bosko Skull Mug Mystery Pink

Bosko Skull Mug Rust Artist Proof

Bosko Skull Mug Stone Black Artist Proof

Bosko Skull Mug Wicked Black

Bosko Test Mug 2005

Bosko Tiki Candle Votive

Bosko Tiki Mug

Bosko Tiki Mug #13

Bosko Tiki Mug #2

Bosko Tiki Mug #4

Bosko Tiki Mug #5

Bosko Tiki Mug with Lips Brown

Bosko Tiki Mug with Lips Gray

Ceremonial Compote Bowl Red

Cook Island Fisherman's God

Cook Island II

De Moai

Dingus Ku


Example 33 Tiki Mug

Fetish Marq

Fetish Marq Artist Proof

Fetish Marq Greenish Blue

Grinning Maori Tiki Mug

Grinning Maori Tiki Mug Artist Proof


Hep Red Ku

Houn Scraper in Bluish Gray

Houn Scraper in Light Grayish Green

Husband Killer


Kaha Ki'i

Kapu Tiki

Kapu Tiki Room Event Mug


Kohu Ole

Ku Mod

Kumu Tiki Mug Black

Kumu Tiki Mug Purple

Kumu Tiki Mug Teal

Kumu Tiki Mug Turquoise

Lil' Chief

Little Melanesian Artist Proof

Little Melanesian Beige
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